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Spoil is the chairman of the Thriller Bark Victim's Association.[1]


Spoil's Concept Art from the Anime.

Spoil is a short old man with gray, wrinkled skin. He has a large jaw, elongated nose, a scar on the right side of his forehead over his eye, and a dark ring around the other eye. His chest has a long scar on it, and he is extremely skinny and has no muscle mass, causing him to look like a zombie.

He has a worn out green trench coat-like jacket that he wears open, tan slacks with a black belt, and a worn out brown hat. He also wears white bandages on his chest due to previously contracted injuries.

Because of the way he looks, Spoil is often mistaken for a zombie. He always carries a lamp around wherever he goes.


Just one more time before I die…I want to walk…under the sunlight…!
— Spoil's final wish

Spoil is a very kind old man who cares to get back the shadows of him and his comrades. His only desire is to walk in the sunlight one last time before he dies, which was fulfilled thanks to the Straw Hat Pirates.


Thriller Bark Arc

Spoil requesting help from Luffy.

After witnessing Luffy, Zoro, Franky, Robin, and Sanji beating up the zombies at the graveyard, he begged them to defeat Gecko Moria to reclaim his shadow and the shadows of the other victims.[1] Later he revealed that Thriller Bark is actually a giant ship.[3]

He appeared again to thank the crew for defeating Moria.[4]


  • Luffy called every zombie a person (or creature) "with a big wound" which would cause his crew to tell him it was a zombie, yet when Spoil came along and Luffy called him an "old man with major wounds" the rest told Luffy that he was a zombie, only for Spoil to reveal that he was indeed an old man with major wounds, surprising them.


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