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St. Poplar is an island town in Paradise connected to Water 7 and Enies Lobby via the Sea Train.[2] It is notable for being one hour by Puffing Tom from Water 7. Its nickname is the "Town of the Spring Queen" (春の女王の町 Haru no Joō no Machi?).[2]


Fourteen years ago, St. Poplar became connected to Water 7 with the completion of the Sea Train at a time when the economy in Water 7 was weak due to attacks on merchant ships.[3] Once connected, it supplied wood to Water 7.[4] Years later, Franky sent the Square Sisters here to buy Adam Wood on the black market.[5]

After the fall of Enies Lobby, CP9 was forced to come to this town and raise money to pay for the medical treatment required by Rob Lucci due to the damage he had taken in his fight against Luffy. Sometime after Lucci recovered, they defended the town from the Candy Pirates. They were forced to leave though, after Lucci's excessive brutality towards the pirate captain horrified the citizens.[6]


  • Poplar is the name of a station in London located on the Docklands Light Railway.
  • A poplar is a type of tree.


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