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Stacking Vignette One Piece is a figure series by Bandai, which main feature is to have several pieces that stack together to form a nice diorama of 10-14 cm high. Each piece represents 2 characters in some dynamic poses, which can be enhanced with some motion effects. Each figure usually comes with a small candy.

The original Japanese name of the series is actually Tsumi Vine One Piece (積みヴィネ ワンピース), Vine being an abbreviation for Vinetto, the Japanese way for spelling Vignette.

Stacking Vignette One Piece ~for the new world~

  • Release date: early October 2011
  • Price: ¥525 VAT included per piece, ¥5,250 VAT included per box of 10 pieces
  • Content: 5 different pieces

A Pearl Color Special set has been released for Jump Festa'12, running December 17-18th 2011, at a price of ¥2,800.

Stacking Vignette Straw Hat Pirates.png
Complete diorama
Stacking Vignette Luffy and Chopper.png
Luffy & Chopper
Stacking Vignette Franky and Thousand Sunny.png
Franky & Sunny
Stacking Vignette Nami and Robin.png
Nami & Robin
Stacking Vignette Zoro and Usopp.png
Zoro & Usopp
Stacking Vignette Sanji and Brook.png
Sanji & Brook
Stacking Vignette Straw Hat Pirates Pearl Color Special.png
Pearl Color Special

Stacking Vignette One Piece ~episode of fish-man island~

  • Release date: late July 2012
  • Price: ¥525 VAT included per piece, ¥2,625 VAT included per box of 5 pieces
  • Content: 5 different pieces
Stacking Vignette Luffy.png
Luffy waiting to fight
Stacking Vignette Zoro Cutting Hody Jones.png
Zoro cutting Hody Jones
Stacking Vignette Sanji.png
Sanji running around
Stacking Vignette Shirahoshi.png
Stacking Vignette Jinbe With Fisher Tiger & Arlong.png
Jinbe with Fisher Tiger & Arlong
Stacking Vignette Hody Jones and Neptune Family.png
Hody Jones fighting against King Neptune, Prince Fukaboshi, Prince Ryuboshi & Prince Manboshi

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