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Staff is a term referring to certain members of a pirate crew or organization. They provide a bridge in communication between those in charge, such as the Captain or First Mate, and everyone else. A member of the staff is known as a Staff Officer and also a Chief of Staff.

Role and Duties[edit | edit source]

A Staff Officer provides bi-directional flow of information between a commanding officer and subordinate military units, and serves the executive function to filter information needed by the commander or shunts unnecessary information. In terms of piracy, the staff officer is the next in line to take over as captain after the first mate.

A Chief of Staff is a coordinator of supporting staff or personal assistant to the leader of an organization. In essence, they serve as the second-in-command, acting as a buffer between the leader and the members of the organization.

Staff[edit | edit source]

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In One Piece[edit | edit source]

Pirates Staff[edit | edit source]

Cabaji is the Chief of Staff (参謀長 Sanbō-chō?) of the Buggy Pirates.[1] Oddly enough, he seems to pull more favor with the captain and pull more weight with the crew, having as Mohji the first mate.

There are various crews that have a Staff Officer (参謀 Sanbō?): Ideaman serves as the Staff Officer of Planning of the Krieg Pirates,[2] Gambia is the Staff Officer of the Barto Club,[3] and Trebol serves as the Staff Officer of the Donquixote Pirates in addition to his position as one of the four Top Executives.[4]

Other Staff[edit | edit source]

Chess was the Head of Staff (参謀 Sanbō?) of Drum Kingdom, serving under king Wapol; this ended when Chess was sent flying off the island by Tony Tony Chopper, and Wapol once again dethroned.[5]

Tsuru is the Great Staff Officer (大参謀 Dai-Sanbō?) of the Marines, and serves as the second-in-command to Fleet Admiral Sengoku at the time, despite her status as a Vice Admiral due to her veteran status.[6]

Sabo is the Chief of Staff (参謀総長 Sanbō Sōchō?) of the Revolutionary Army. In his capacity, he is the second-in-command of the entire army, under Monkey D. Dragon himself, since the group is not pirate crew and therefore, does not have the rank of "first mate".[7]

Komei is a Special Operations Staff Officer (特別作戦参謀 Tokubetsu Sakusen Sanbō?) of the Marines Strategies/Tactics Research and Development Division.

Translation and Dub Issues[edit | edit source]

  • In the VIZ Media translation of the series, when Cabaji was introduced, he was mislabeled as the second mate instead.
  • Sanbō 参謀 is sometimes translated as "Advisor".

External Links[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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