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Lieutenant Junior Grade Stalker is a Marine on Vice Admiral Momonga's ship.[1]


Stalker is rather portly and has an odd, sickly skin tone. He has fat lips, dark circles around his eyes, bushy brown hair, and a white Marine coat and hat.[1]


Stalker Anime Concept Art.png
Stalker's anime concept art.
Stalker as a Young Marine.png
Stalker in his youth as a Marine.


Befitting his name, Stalker seems to like spying on people.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Stalker is quite adept at spying, going unnoticed even by Boa Hancock and finding out information without her even noticing.[1]


Amazon Lily Arc

Stalker was first seen on the Marine warship going to Impel Down with Boa Hancock. After the stowaway Monkey D. Luffy yelled out "I'm stuffed". Stalker thought it was Hancock, and since the other Marine soldiers thought that Hancock would not be so unladylike, they bet that if it was her, they would all get mohawk hairstyles. When Hancock embarrassingly took the blame, the Marines shaved their heads to get mohawks.[1]


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