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Stealth Black is a fictional member of Germa 66 portrayed in the comic strip Sora, Warrior of the Sea. His character was likely based on a Raid Suit created by the Vinsmoke Family that was later given to their estranged third son, Sanji.[1]


Sanji's Raid Suit

Sanji in his Raid Suit, which apparently heavily resembles Stealth Black.

According to Trafalgar Law, Sanji in his raid suit heavily resembles Stealth Black, a fictional character from Sora, Warrior of the Sea. However, in the anime, Stealth Black is shown wearing a yellow Germa raid suit with a white skull on his chest. He also wears a black cape that has the number 3 on it, a dark glasses and an ascot around his neck. His hair is quite similar to Sanji's scruffy hairstyle. He does not have a mask covering his nose and mouth. Unlike Sanji, his design is also much simpler.

When Sanji transforms, his hair is slicked into two parts at the front, one pointing up and the other pointing down. His raid suit design is similar to Niji's with black colour. He has a black cape with red colour on the inside and a large white number 3 on the left side, ear protector, a bright red ascot, white-colored gauntlets, a white belt bears a red buckle with a skull and horn design. His pants has bright gold line at the side parts.[1]


Given that he is a member of the villainous Germa 66 in the comic strip, Stealth Black participates in their antagonism to the hero Sora.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Stealth Black possesses the standard abilities as other members of Germa 66 with his raid suit. He has his own special ability to blend in with his environment so well that he effectively becomes invisible.[1]


In the comic strip Sora, Warrior of the Sea, Stealth Black worked with other members of the Germa 66 as antagonists who fought against the protagonist, Sora.[2]


  • Due to Sanji's dislike for his heritage, he referred to himself in his outfit as "O-Soba Mask" when fighting Page One instead of "Stealth Black".[1]
  • Ironically, despite being known as Stealth Black, the anime depicts the fictional character himself to have a yellow-themed raid suit instead of black.
    • However, the actual raid suit fits the moniker.
  • In the anime, Sanji's transformation theme is different from the rest of Germa 66.


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