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Stomach Baron is a species of giant carnivorous seaborne plants that form the chains of "islands" in Boin Archipelago. Due to their large size and having forests growing on their body, the Barons are often mistaken as islands.[1]


The forests have "plants" that are made of a variety of highly nutritional and delicious food in the middle of the island (which is actually the "mouth" of the Barons) luring prey (including sea kings) to venture there before the Barons consume them.[2]

Former InhabitantsEdit


Straw Hat's Separation SerialEdit

When Usopp was sent here by Bartholomew Kuma, he succumbed to gluttony and gorged on the many delicacies within the forest until he became morbidly obese, and nearly got eaten alive when he tried to escape after reading about his captain's tragic loss when a newspaper fell from the delivery bird.[3][4]

It was here that Heracles trained Usopp during the timeskip. Heracles taught Usopp everything he knew about fighting techniques, the nature of the forest such as Pop Green, so that he may grow strong and to become a true Sniper.[5]


  • The concept of the Stomach Baron is very similar to the Gourmetica insularis described in the 1999 novel „Die 13½ Leben des Käpt’n Blaubär (キャプテン・ブルーベアの13と1/2の人生 Kyaputen burūbea no 13 to 1/2 no jinsei?) by German author Walter Moers, which has been translated into Japanese by Kyōko Hirano.[6]


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