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Chief Petty Officer Straight is a Marine who appears in One Piece Film: Gold as a contestant in the Turtle Car Race.[1]


Straight is a large, tan-skinned, and muscular man with a brown handlebar mustache, a chin with four clefts, and a brown beard that is arranged between each cleft. Straight does not wear a shirt, wearing only shorts and his standard Marine hat and cape. He has a tattoo of a word on his back.[1]


Straight is a very intense racer, being willing to shoot other cars down in order to gain and keep the lead. However, he has a quirk where he only tolerates his car going straight, which resulted in his car crashing.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As a chief petty officer, Straight has some authority over lower Marine ranks, like Curve. He is also a competent marksman, as he managed to shoot down another Turtle Car during the race.[1]


One Piece Film: Gold

Straight and Curve entered a Turtle Car Race in Gran Tesoro's casino, with Straight manning the guns while Curve drove. Shortly into the race, Straight shot down Jimmy Myers' car, allowing him and Curve to take the lead. Straight then shot at the cars behind them, and Curve alerted him that they were approaching a 180 degree turn. However, Straight refused to turn the car, causing Curve to drive off the track and crash into a pool of gold.[1]


  • His name is based on his quirk of always going straight ahead.


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