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A straw hat can refer to any brimmed hat that is woven out of straw.

One straw hat is particularly famous, having been worn by Gol D. Roger and then Shanks. It is now worn by Monkey D. Luffy,[2] giving him his epithet "Straw Hat Luffy", and is the namesake and symbol of the Straw Hat Pirates and Straw Hat Grand Fleet by extension.

Straw Hats[]

Gol D. Roger/Shanks/Monkey D. Luffy[]

Roger in His Youth

The first known owner, Gol D. Roger.

Monkey D. Luffy's straw hat is the main symbol of the entire series and is the origin of his nickname "Straw Hat Luffy." His straw hat was given to him by his idol, "Red-Haired" Shanks when Luffy was a child, and he promised to give the hat back to Shanks once he becomes a great pirate (or in other words, the Pirate King).[3] Much later, during the Straw Hat Pirates' departure for Fish-Man Island, it was revealed by Silvers Rayleigh that this straw hat originally belonged to Gol D. Roger.[4]

Although Luffy's straw hat is his treasure, he is seen without it on occasion. This is usually because he does not want anything bad to happen to it, in which case he usually gives it to another member of his crew for safekeeping. It has been damaged twice in the manga canon. The first time it was damaged by Buggy when he was fighting Luffy. Buggy spat on the hat as well when he learned that it previously belonged to Shanks. After the fight, Nami repaired it for him. However, Luffy was overjoyed that Nami had repaired it, resulting in Luffy poking it several times, accidentally making another hole in the repair work. This caused Nami to hit him with the sharp end of the needle, since the repair had only been temporary. Nevertheless, she repaired it again.

During the Arabasta Arc, when Ace leaves the Straw Hats and Vivi, he gives Luffy a "blank piece of white paper".[5] After saving the vivre card from getting eaten by Matsuge, Nami sews it on the inside of the red band around the circumference of Luffy's hat. After the arc, the hat was also given a string, so that Luffy could wear it securely on his person and would not have to worry about losing it.

Shanks Arrives

Shanks is briefly reunited with his old hat.

During the Marineford Arc, Luffy's hat fell off when Jinbe, who was carrying him, was struck by Admiral Akainu. As Luffy was mentally shattered from his brother's death, he did not notice the hat falling off, nor did Jinbe, who was occupied with dealing with the Admiral. After Shanks had appeared, the straw hat was temporarily reunited with its old owner after over ten years.[6] Shanks convinces Buggy to return the straw hat to Luffy, resulting it to end up in Trafalgar Law's temporary care.[7] The straw hat was then handed over to Rayleigh, who in turn returned the straw hat to Luffy after he recovered. Prior to his training with Rayleigh at Rusukaina Island, Luffy set aside the hat on the island's only safe location. Luffy picked the straw hat back up after the training was over.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

One Piece Movies[]

In several of the One Piece Movies, Luffy's hat is usually used as a plot device, being either taken or damaged by other characters, thus motivating Luffy.

  • In One Piece: The Movie, at one point, a chore boy, Tobio was in possession of Luffy's hat. He caught it after the wind blew it of Luffy's head, but he ran away in distress with it, after his grandfather, Ganzo, denied his dreams. He returned it after Luffy caught up with him.
  • In Clockwork Island Adventure, Luffy entrusted Nami with his Straw Hat near the beginning of the movie, as he battled the Trump Pirates. However, she was kidnapped by said pirates and it stayed with her until she returned it after Luffy beat the Trump Pirates captain, Bear King.
  • In Dead End Adventure, the hat was knocked off of Luffy's head during his first encounter with the Gasparde Pirates, and he yelled at Needless when he almost stepped on it. During Luffy's climatic battle with Gasparde, Luffy's hat falls near his opponent's feet, where, in order to taunt the Straw Hat captain, the former Marine pierces through the hat with his Ame Ame no Mi ability before tearing through it. The bounty hunter, Shuraiya Bascùd, found it and returned it to Luffy near the end of the movie, after Luffy thought he lost it in a hurricane, with the Straw Hat captain getting Nami to fix it for him.
  • In One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase, the movie centers around the Straw Hats chasing down Buzz, a dog with the power of the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Eagle, after it stole Luffy's straw hat. After his owner, Schneider, believed he was dying and attempted to disband his crew, he tried to give an impossible task to his most loyal member, which was to steal Luffy's hat. The chase ended up in a Marine base, where the commanding officer shot through Luffy's hat three times. Luffy eventually managed to get his hat by the end of the film, where he had Nami fix it for him.
  • In One Piece Film: Z, when Luffy faced Z in battle the second time and lost, his opponent, recognizing the hat, took it with him to Piriodo, where he planned to destroy it along with the rest of the New World in his plan, the Grand Reboot. After Luffy defeated him in their third battle, he reclaimed his hat.
  • In One Piece Film: Red, Uta took Luffy's straw hat after he was caught by her Uta Uta no Mi ability. In Uta World, she tried to use it to convince him to stop being Pirate King and to stay with her in Uta World and when she failed to do so, she ripped it in front of his eyes and turned it into a music note. She restored it and gave it back to him near the end of the movie. In the real world, Uta took it from his sleeping body and carried it around with her, and after she failed to convince Luffy, she prepared to stab through both the hat and Luffy, before being stopped by Shanks.

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Overlapping Headwear[]

Occasionally, Luffy may overlap the straw hat with another piece of headwear, either as a disguise (since he refuses to put the hat away), as a necessity, or as a part of fashion.[8]

During the Arabasta Arc, Luffy wrapped a blue shawl over the hat and around his head as extra protection from the sun.[8]

At the end of the Punk Hazard Arc, Luffy placed the hat atop a samurai kabuto helmet created by Kin'emon's ability.[9]

While in disguise during the Dressrosa Arc, Luffy disguised the straw hat with a black wide-brimmed bowler hat, again using Kin'emon's ability.[10]

While sailing from Zou to Totto Land, Luffy briefly wore a chef's hat over the dome of the straw hat, just so that he could look the part while he was cooking.[11]

For his initial disguise during the Whole Cake Island Arc, Luffy overlapped the hat with what appears to be a white turban,[12] though he lost it during his fight against Charlotte Cracker.[13] Later, after receiving a change of clothes from the Fire Tank Pirates, he overlapped the straw hat with a black fedora with a white band.[14] He removed it after defeating Charlotte Katakuri.[15]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

During the non-canon G-8 Arc while in the disguise of a cook, Luffy stretched a white chef's hat over the straw hat in Episode 197, until Sanji removed it for him in Episode 200, after their cover was blown.

In Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals, when Luffy attempted to disguise himself as an animal, he tied a couple of leafy branches to his hat with a cloth, in order to (poorly) duplicate horns.[16]

For the first half of One Piece Film: Strong World, Luffy wore an orange aviator helmet with goggles underneath the straw hat, until he switched into his third outfit.[17]

Luffy's first outfit in One Piece Film: Z had him place his straw hat atop a floppy orange-red headpiece with straps dangling from the sides and a drape covering the back of his neck.[18]

In One Piece: Stampede, Luffy placed an oversized bulbous brown hat atop the Straw Hat, which he got during the Pirates Festival. The hat had a bulb-like shape with a wavy rim, mainly light brown in colour, and had a dark-brown triangle design band around the widest part.[19]

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Demaro Black[]

In a poor attempt to impersonate Luffy, Demaro Black wore a straw hat. However, his straw hat was different as it was frayed and unkempt, with a flat top rather than a domed one, and a striped band around its circumference. It fell off when Sentomaru smashed him on the head.

Fish-Man Island Children[]

After Luffy and his crew defeated the New Fish-Man Pirates and saved Fish-Man Island, the children of Fish-Man Island wanted to get straw hats so they could play hero. Despite the adults saying that straw hats can only be bought on the surface, Jinbe stated that he would pick some up for them. After obtaining the hats, the children were rejoicing.[20][21]

Dressrosa Children and Tontatta Dwarves[]

In the anime, the Dressrosa children and dwarves wore straw hats after Luffy ended Doflamingo's tyranny.[22]

Mary Geoise's Giant Straw Hat[]

Mary Geoise's Straw Hat

The giant straw hat of Mary Geoise.

A giant straw hat is kept in a freezing room in Mary Geoise. It is very large, rivaling the size of Imu. The hat's significance is currently unknown.[23]

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Straw Hat Mushroom[]

Main article: Straw Hat Mushroom

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Crocus's Guest

Crocus' guest wearing a kasa.

A kasa is a real world, oriental style straw hat, with a wide conical shape. In the World of One Piece, this type of hat is typically native to Wano Country. In fact, Amigasa Village of Kuri specialized in making these kinds of hats.

Oars Jr.[]

The kasa made by Ace was given to Oars Jr., as he believed it would help the giant since he was so close to the sun. Oars Jr. was so moved by this gift, he fought with all of his strength to save Ace during the Summit War of Marineford.

Nine Red Scabbards[]

The Nine Red Scabbards were seen donning these hats as they marched to face Kaidou 20 years ago. During the Wano Country Arc, they also wore kasa when attempting to move around Wano inconspicuously, as the wide brims hid their faces. They again wore kasa, this time made by Tama, as they marched to Onigashima, prior to the Raid on Onigashima.


Perhaps due to discrimination for being a fish-man, Kawamatsu almost always wore a kasa, which together with a scarf, hid the majority of his face.

Tony Tony Chopper[]

During the Egghead Arc, Chopper showed off an amigasa that Tama made for him before they left Wano. An amigasa is a fancier, ceremonial style of a kasa. The amigasa ended up getting the crew in trouble when he wore it in his hybrid form during a storm and it blew him, and his captain, off their ship. Later, after making landfall on Egghead, he entrusted it to Jinbe to hold.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Roronoa Zoro[]

In the Boss Luffy Historical Specials, Roronoa Zoro plays a monk, and is regularly seen wearing a kasa.

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Other Appearances[]

Due to One Piece's cultural ubiquity (particularly in East Asia), a red-banded straw hat is often used to represent the series as a whole, and features in many homages and parodies from other media:

  • In the game Pirates of Black Cove, one of the unique items that can be acquired is Luffy's straw hat, which slightly raises defense against battle-damage.
  • In the game King's Bounty: The Legend, and in its sequels, a player can acquire a similar straw hat with red ribbon. It boosts the leadership of the hero. It was confirmed as an Easter Egg with a nod to One Piece in the official forums by a representative of the developers.
  • Weekly Shonen Jump had every ongoing series (except Boruto) cameo a straw hat in its July 15, 2017 issue, to commemorate One Piece's 20th anniversary,
  • As part of a promotion from July 22 to July 29, 2019, in celebration of its fifth anniversary and the twenty-second anniversary of the One Piece manga, players of the game Pokémon Go were able to find Pikachu in the wild that wore Luffy's straw hat.[24]

(However, it should be noted that not all such hats are intended as One Piece homages, as the fashion remains heavily associated with broader rural and beachgoer stereotypes—as well as Ghibli films, enough that the Ghibli Museum's main eating area is known as the Mugiwara Café.)


SBS97 Straw Hat

Luffy's straw hat as a human


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