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Throughout the series, there have been people who either traveled with one or all of the Straw Hat Pirates for a short period of time or aided them in one way or another. Many of these individuals would be considered temporary pirates in a way. Along with those individuals, there have also been various groups that have assisted the Straw Hats in their adventures. These groups have helped the Straw Hats either to reach a certain goal or to defeat a common enemy.


Straw Hat-Galley-La-Franky Family Alliance

The Straw Hat-Galley-La-Franky Family Alliance is formed.

An alliance formed on the way to Enies Lobby to rescue Nico Robin and Franky from the World Government, as well as retaliate against CP9 for the assassination attempt on Iceburg. The majority of the help occurred in the courtyard and courthouse in order to help the Straw Hats reach the Tower of Justice and face the CP9 agents, with the Franky Family entrusting the rescue of their leader to the pirates. The allies went their separate ways when the Straw Hats continued their journey with Franky as their new Shipwright, and the Franky Family started working for Iceburg and the Galley-La Company. This alliance is aided by Kokoro, Chimney, Gonbe, Yokozuna, Oimo, Kashii, Iceburg and Usopp under the alias "Sogeking".

Straw Hat-Heart Alliance

The news about the Straw Hat-Heart Alliance are published.

An alliance between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates formed on Punk Hazard by their two captains in order to defeat Kaidou, one of the Four Emperors of the New World. According to Law, who proposed the alliance, their cooperation would give them a 30% chance to defeat the emperor. The plan was to destroy Kaidou's source of SMILE delivered by Doflamingo, weakening him while letting Doflamingo take on Kaidou's anger. However, the events on Dressrosa made Law concerned about Kaidou's reaction. This alliance is aided by Kin'emon, Momonosuke, Kanjuro, and an unwilling Caesar Clown, and briefly by the G-5 marines under Vice Admiral Smoker and Captain Tashigi, the kidnapped kids used for Caesar experiments, and Brownbeard on Punk Hazard, and by the Corrida Colosseum fighters including the Straw Hat Grand Fleet members, Elizabello II, Dagama, the Riku Family, the citizens of Dressrosa and Green Bit, a representative of the Revolutionary Army, and Admiral Fujitora on Dressrosa. The alliance eventually would grow to become the "Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance" on Zou.

Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance

Further information: Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance

The representatives of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance.

An alliance of the Kozuki Family retainers with the Straw Hat-Heart Alliance formed on Zou in response to Momonosuke's request for the pirates to help him avenge his parents against the Beasts Pirates and the shogun of Wano Country and release Wano from their control. This alliance is aided by Zunesha and the Kozuki Family allies and rebels from Wano led by Jibuemon. They later recruited more Kozuki Family allies including past followers of Oden, Shimotsuki Yasuie and Hyogoro, which led to the support of Udon's prisoners and the Yakuza, and finding Kozuki Hiyori and the rest of the Nine Red Scabbards, recruiting strong groups led by two of its members.

Sanji Retrieval Team-Fire Tank Alliance

Further information: Pirate Alliance#Sanji Retrieval Team-Fire Tank Alliance

The Sanji Retrieval Team and the Fire Tank Pirates meet.

An alliance formed between the Sanji Retrieval Team and the Fire Tank Pirates. Both groups agreed to work together during Big Mom's Tea Party, the main event of which will be the wedding ceremony between the Germa Kingdom's third prince (and the Straw Hats' cook), Sanji, and Big Mom's 35th daughter, Charlotte Pudding. While the two groups share a common opposition to Big Mom, they have slightly different goals: The Straw Hats want to prevent Big Mom's planned assassination of Sanji and his family during the event, while Capone Bege, Captain of the Fire Tank Pirates, wants to use the opportunity to take down Big Mom herself. The alliance was offered by Jinbe after hearing of both wedding day conspiracies from Pekoms, who was targeted by the Fire Tank Pirates, and Brook, who was present when Pudding and Big Mom discussed their plans. The alliance is supported by Jinbe and the Sun Pirates, Charlotte Chiffon, Bege's wife and Big Mom's 22nd daughter, an unwilling Caesar Clown, and Big Mom Pirates members Charlotte Brûlée and Diesel. The Vinsmoke Family later joined the allied forces as Big Mom's true intentions was revealed to them, and Brûlée was rescued by her brother. After the collapse of the Whole Cake Chateau, the alliance managed to escape. The alliance disbanded and each group went their separate ways. The Straw Hats split to retrieve their Shark Submerge III and the rest headed to the Thousand Sunny. The Fire Tank Pirates were inside Bege as he fled. Caesar left after he was given back his heart. Even after the crews separated, they still have a friendly relationship as Vito and Chiffon complained about not being able to say goodbye, followed by Chiffon's willingness to risk her life for the Straw Hats. Bege later assisted Pudding's plan by delivering a second wedding cake made by Chiffon, Pudding, Sanji, and the WCI 31 to calm Big Mom's rampage. After being convinced by Sanji's cooking, Bege forfeited his desire to poison or booby-trap the cake. When the group reunited with the crew on the Sunny, Sanji went back to his crew while the Fire Tanks took the cake and lured Big Mom and part of her crew away from chasing the Straw Hats, fulfilling Chiffon's debt.

Allies and Traveling Companions



Among the following, there are more notable people:

Character(s) Arc Involved As Allies Involvement With the Straw Hats
Shanks Romance Dawn Arc and Marineford Arc The captain of the Red Hair Pirates, Luffy's idol. He saved Luffy from the Lord of the Coast but lost his left arm. He's also the one who gave Luffy his signature straw hat.
Koby Romance Dawn Arc, Post-Enies Lobby Arc, and Marineford Arc Koby traveled briefly with Luffy, acting as a temporary navigator, after he was freed from his servitude to Alvida.[19] He joined the Marines after the incident with Captain Morgan, and later trained under Vice-Admiral Garp, Luffy's grandfather. He still considers Luffy his friend even though they are now on opposite sides of the law.
Rika Romance Dawn Arc A little girl who lives in Shells Town. Gave Zoro some onigiri, explained to Luffy and Koby that Zoro's a good guy.
Boodle and Chouchou Orange Town Arc The mayor of a town that was taken over by the Buggy Pirates, and a dog who tries to protect his owner's pet shop from being destroyed by the pirates. When Luffy, Zoro, and new recruit Nami learned about the town's history and after the pet shop was destroyed by the Buggy Pirates, the Straw Hats fought them and freed the town from their tyranny.
Gaimon Syrup Village Arc The protector of Island of Rare Animals who befriend the Straw Hats before they arrived to Syrup Village (afterwards in the anime) due to their shared definition of "Treasure".
Kaya and Merry Syrup Village Arc A young girl who lives in the largest mansion in Syrup Village and her butler. After the Straw Hats foiled Kuro's plan to assassinate Kaya and inherit her fortune, they gave the Straw Hats their first ship, the Going Merry, as a reward.
Johnny and Yosaku Baratie Arc to Arlong Park Arc Two oafish but good-hearted bounty hunters who were once Zoro's partners. They traveled with and assisted the Straw Hats from Baratie to Conomi Islands.[20]
Gin Baratie Arc A former enemy, combat commander of the Krieg Pirates, he helped Luffy and Sanji from inhaling Don Krieg's "Deadly Poison Gas Bomb MH5". After Krieg was defeated by Luffy, he hopes to see Luffy again in the Grand Line.
Nojiko and Genzo Arlong Park Arc Nojiko is Nami's adoptive sister, while Genzo is seen as a father-figure by the two sisters. The two helped to save Luffy from drowning when he was temporarily submerged in the water of Arlong Park.[21]
Igaram Whisky Peak Arc He attempted to draw Baroque Works pursuers away from the Straw Hats in Whisky Peak by setting sail disguising as Vivi with three dummies as Luffy, Zoro, and Nami, but his plan failed.
Dorry and Brogy Little Garden Arc After the Straw Hats defeated Mr. 3 and his cohorts and helped the two giants, the two gratefully aided the pirates by destroying the Island Eater that was blocking their path from Little Garden to Arabasta.[22]
Dalton and Kureha Drum Island Arc Former Chief Royal Guard of the Drum Kingdom and the Witch Doctor on Drum Island. Dalton helped the Straw Hats when they were looking for a doctor to cure Nami's sickness and Kureha is the doctor who gave treatments to Nami, Luffy, and Sanji.
Portgas D. Ace Arabasta Arc Luffy's brother who aided the Straw Hats by stopping Smoker from catching Luffy and destroying a fleet of five Billions ships that were pursuing them.[23][24] In the anime, he sort of traveled alongside with them through the Arabastan desert while looking for some answers to Blackbeard's whereabouts.[25] He left the group to continue his search but not before giving Luffy his Vivre Card. While his death surprised and upset the crew, they were most concerned about Luffy's well being after the death of his brother. Nonetheless, Ace had the upmost faith that Luffy was in good hands, and entrusted his safety to them.
Matsuge Arabasta Arc Matsuge is a camel who traveled with the Straw Hats after being saved from a Sandora Lizard during the events of Arabasta. He was mainly a transportation for Nami and Vivi, but also helped them in some situations. After the events of Arabasta he was given permission to join the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops (even though he is a camel).
Hasami Arabasta Arc Hasami is a large crab that lives in the Sandora Desert in Arabasta. He is a friend of Matsuge, and helped him and the Straw Hats (minus Luffy) and company travel from Rainbase to the Sandora River.
Pell Arabasta Arc One of the two head guards in the Arabasta kingdom. He tended Luffy's wound from Luffy's first fight with Crocodile, then transported Luffy to Alubarna. He also willingly risked his life when the Straw Hats were unable to disarm a bomb in Alubarna in time by carrying it into the sky where it exploded, saving the city and everyone in it.
Nefertari Cobra Arabasta Arc Vivi's father, and the king of Arabasta. Taken to the Tomb of the Kings by Crocodile he witnessed the Warlord's defeat, and marveled at Luffy's strength. He later carried Luffy to reunite with his crew. After Crocodile's plan was stopped by the Straw Hats, and due to the safe return of his daughter, he housed the Straw Hats after the battles, and protected them from the Marines in his palace. He showed his gratitude to the crew, bowing to them.
Bentham (Mr. 2 Bon Kurei) Arabasta Arc and Impel Down Arc Originally an enemy, he aided the Straw Hats by hiding their ship, the Going Merry, when there were Marines searching around Arabasta and by disguising himself and his men as the pirates in order to draw away the Marines pursuing them. Later, after breaking out of his cell and reuniting with Luffy in Impel Down, Bentham fought alongside Luffy to reach Ace. Throughout their reunion, Mr. 2 aided Luffy greatly through the various dangers of the prison, and ultimately aided Luffy and several other prisoners by sacrificing himself in order to open the way to their freedom.
Gan Fall and Pierre Skypiea Arc The former god of Skypiea and his pet bird aided the Straw Hats during their time in Skypiea.
Conis, Su and Pagaya Skypiea Arc A young woman from Skypiea, her pet cloud fox, and her father who helped the Straw Hats in battle from the sidelines throughout their time in the sky, despite Enel's will.
Aisa and Wyper Skypiea Arc Two Shandia who were originally hostile to the Straw Hats but later aided them against Enel after getting to know them.
Nola Skypiea Arc A giant snake that lives on Skypiea. She unwillingly took part of Enel's survival game, and incidentally helped Luffy became untrackable to Enel's Mantra by eating him. She later helped the survivors topple Giant Jack and giving Luffy a way to reach Enel and the Ark Maxim. She later celebrated with the winners as Enel's rule came to an end.
Kokoro, Chimney, and Gonbe Water 7 Arc to Post-Enies Lobby Arc Though a non-combatant, Kokoro aided the Straw Hats from crossing through the Aqua Laguna, to escaping from a flooded passage. She later told them about Fish-Man Island. Chimney and Gonbe were the ones to discover the secret passage to the Gates of Justice and guided Luffy to it.
Yokozuna Enies Lobby Arc and Post-Enies Lobby Arc A giant sumo frog that helped the Straw Hats from fighting against the World Government to helping build their new ship, the Thousand Sunny.
Oimo and Kashii Enies Lobby Arc and Post-Enies Lobby Arc Two Elbaf giants who originally worked for the World Government as gatekeepers. However, after the truth was revealed to them by Usopp, they aided the Straw Hats and their allies in their invasion of Enies Lobby and helped rebuild Water 7 afterwards.
Camie, Pappag, and Hatchan Sabaody Archipelago Arc and Fish-Man Island Arc A mermaid and starfish rescued from a Sea King. The Straw Hats helped them rescue Hatchan, a former member of the Arlong Pirates and enemy, so that they can reach Fish-Man Island. They later became their guides on the Sabaody Archipelago so they could get a bubble coating for the Sunny to descend beneath the ocean. Hatchan also promised as soon as he was feeling better and the Straw Hats ship was coated he would guide them to Fish-Man Island. Two years later however, Hatchan was still recovering from the injuries he sustained while defending the Straw Hats' ship, and so was unable to guide them there. In spite of his injuries, he attempted to dissuade Hody Jones and Vander Decken IX from attacking Ryugu Kingdom. Camie and Pappag meanwhile acted as tour guides, showing many of the Straw Hats around Fish-Man Island. Pappag also aided Zoro, Brook and Usopp in escaping imprisonment.
Silvers Rayleigh Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Post-War Arc to Return to Sabaody Arc The legendary first mate of Gol D. Roger who coated the Thousand Sunny for free after the Human Auctioning House incident, and also helped defend the Straw Hat Pirates against Kizaru. He found Luffy at Amazon Lily and, along with Jinbe, the three invaded Marineford so that Luffy could ring the Ox Bell and send his message to his crew. He taught Luffy how to properly use Haki over the course of a year and a half, then assisted in his escape from the Sabaody Archipelago.
Boa Hancock Amazon Lily Arc to Return to Sabaody Arc Leader of the Kuja and the only female member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and thought to be the most beautiful female pirate in all the seas. Though initially antagonistic due to Luffy discovering the slave-mark tattoo on her back and being a man, she grew to like him and soon after fell in love with him. Later she assisted him in reaching Impel Down to save his brother, Ace. Upon their arrival, she gave Luffy the keys to Ace's handcuffs and during the war defended Luffy from Smoker and the Pacifista so that he could try to save his brother. She then helped return Luffy to Amazon Lily and gave him safe haven, so he could recover from his wounds from the Summit War of Marineford. After his successful recovery and training from Rayleigh during the two year timeskip, she took Luffy back to Sabaody and assisted in his escape to Fish-Man Island.
Haredas Amazon Lily Arc to Return to Sabaody Arc A weather scientist on Weatheria who found Nami (who was sent there by Bartholomew Kuma) and took her into his home, teaching her about the sky island's weather science. He assisted in the Straw Hat Pirates' escape from the Sabaody Archipelago along with fellow Weatheria scientists by creating rain to ruin the Marines' gunpowder.
Heracles Amazon Lily Arc to Return to Sabaody Arc A warrior trapped in the Boin Archipelago. He protected the hapless Usopp during their time on the island, though attempted to convince him that it was impossible to escape. He taught Usopp about the Pop Greens as part of his training. He later appeared on the Sabaody Archipelago to assist in the Straw Hat Pirates' escape.
Perona Amazon Lily Arc to Return to Sabaody Arc Was formerly one of the Mysterious Four of Thriller Bark, but was sent by Bartholomew Kuma to Kuraigana Island, the same place that Zoro was sent to during the Straw Hats' battle with Kuma. While she was originally antagonistic, having served beneath Gecko Moria, Perona grudgingly assisted Zoro during his time training with Dracule Mihawk. She later appeared on the Sabaody Archipelago to help Zoro and the other Straw Hats escape. She was also the only reason Zoro didn't get lost on the way back to Shakky's Rip-off Bar.
Buggy and Galdino Impel Down Arc to Marineford Arc Former enemies who joined forces with Luffy during his breakout\rescue from Impel Down. They later traveled with him and several fellow inmates to Marineford and took major roles in helping Luffy. Galdino assisted Luffy in freeing Ace and Buggy end up helping Luffy escape the war.
Emporio Ivankov Impel Down Arc to Return to Sabaody Arc The "Queen" of Kamabakka Kingdom and Newkama Land, and Revolutionary commander. He healed Luffy from the brink of death with his Horu Horu no Mi powers, and then, upon learning that Luffy was the son of Dragon, his leader, he assisted Luffy in breaking free from Impel Down (though it is implied that he only did this to free Ace, since until Luffy told him that they weren't blood related, Ivankov assumed Ace was also Dragon's son). He then protected Luffy during the Summit War of Marineford, being the one person as well as Jinbe to fight most by his side. After the war, he boarded a Marine ship along with his Newkama followers and, seeing that Luffy was in good hands with Boa Hancock, left with his people to return to his home. He was also responsible for helping Sanji during his two years of training in Kamabakka Kingdom.
Inazuma Impel Down Arc to during the Timeskip Ivankov's right-hand man in both the Kamabakka Kingdom as well as the Revolutionary Army. He found Luffy and Mr. 2 Bon Kurei on the brink of death, and brought them to Newkama Land. He then fought alongside Luffy and his allies to break free from Impel Down, but was drastically poisoned by Magellan. After recovering, he assisted Luffy in the Summit War of Marineford by creating a bridge for him to reach Ace. After the war, he returned to Kamabakka Kingdom with his leader and people.
Crocodile and Daz Bonez (Mr. 1) Impel Down Arc to Marineford Arc The former leader of Baroque Works and his right-hand man. After coming across him in Level 6 of Impel Down, Luffy reluctantly freed him after being persuaded by Emporio Ivankov. During the escape, Crocodile set free Mr. 1, who had been caged in Level 4. After the escape, Crocodile made his intention of taking Whitebeard's head clear, upon which he immediately acted on as soon as he arrived in Marineford. During the Summit War of Marineford, Crocodile fought on his own side, aligning himself with no one, and Mr. 1 loyally followed suit. During the course of the battle, he fought Luffy's allies, the Whitebeard Pirates, but then helped save Ace and even Luffy himself, claiming that he did it only because he did not want the Marines to have their way. As such, Mr. 1 also helped protect Luffy against Dracule Mihawk. After the battle, Crocodile and Mr. 1 healed their wounds on an island in the Grand Line, deciding to enter the New World.
Bartholomew Kuma During the Timeskip One of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and an officer of the Revolutionary Army. Shortly before the Summit War of Marineford, he made a request to Vegapunk before being fully modified into a Pacifista, to give him a command to protect the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates until one of them returned. Vegapunk complied, and after the war ended, the fully mechanized Kuma returned to the Sabaody Archipelago to protect the Thousand Sunny. Two years later, Franky returned to see a heavily damaged Kuma guarding the ship. Upon seeing Franky, Kuma left the ship, stating that his mission to protect the Thousand Sunny was completed. Later on, Franky informed the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates about what Kuma had done during the timeskip, but stated that now that he had been made into a full Pacifista, he would be a heartless human weapon with no will of his own when they met again.
Dracule Mihawk During the Timeskip One of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Though antagonistic towards Luffy during the Summit War of Marineford, he agreed to train Zoro in swordsmanship during the two-year timeskip.
Surume Fish-Man Island Arc A fearsome kraken from the depths of the ocean. As the Straw Hats were traveling underwater, they defeated him in order to get through. After going to the Underworld of the Sea, Luffy managed to tame him, and even got him to save the Sunny from Wadatsumi and push the ship all the way to Fish-Man Island. Although initially frightened into rejoining the New Fish-Man Pirates, Surume assisted Luffy in the battle at Gyoncorde Plaza when the Straw Hat captain claimed him as a friend. After the fight, he was seen cooperating with the Fish-Man Island's Ammo Knight, helping to exile Wadatsumi.
Trafalgar D. Water Law Punk Hazard Arc to Zou Arc, Wano Country Arc Law offered a formal alliance with the Straw Hats to Luffy, as a means of dethroning the emperor, Kaidou. The two fought together at Punk Hazard, capturing Caesar Clown and planned to deliver him at Dressrosa. Once there, Law dismissed many opportunities to protect himself by maintaining his partnership with the Straw Hats and at one point sacrificing himself so those aboard the Thousand Sunny could escape from Donquixote Doflamingo. When asked by Doflamingo why Law would go through such lengths to believe in Luffy, he claimed that "D." would cause another storm. Later on, Law told Luffy of his past and revealed that his reason for forming an alliance with Luffy was to take down Doflamingo. After reaching the palace, the two confronted Doflamingo together. Luffy protected a wounded Law during the battle, and when Law was taken to safety, he demanded to stay behind to watch the battle between Luffy and Doflamingo. After Luffy was worn out from using his Gear 4, Law watched over him until he regained his strength to fight Doflamingo one last time. At Zou, Law decided to join the alliance with the minks and the retainers of the Kozuki Family to battle against Kaidou.
Chadros Higelyges Punk Hazard Arc A former pirate turned centaur servant of Caesar Clown, Higelyges initially opposed the Straw Hats. However, after discovering his master's true nature, he aided the Straw Hats in the hopes of freeing his men from Caesar's servitude. He largely served as a form of mass transport for the crew, to his chagrin.
Mocha Punk Hazard Arc A girl kidnapped by Caesar Clown, Mocha helped Chopper prevent the other children from eating the drug candies.
Kin'emon Punk Hazard Arc to Zou Arc, Wano Country Arc A samurai from Wano Country and the leader of Nine Red Scabbards. Initially, he was hostile towards the Straw Hats after finding out they were pirates. However, after Sanji helped the samurai recover his body that was dismembered by Law, Kin'emon bowed in gratitude for his kindness. Since then, Kin'emon became much friendlier with the Straw Hats, realizing that they were different from any other pirates. Eventually, Kin'emon formed an alliance with the Straw Hats with the goal of defeating Orochi and Kaidou, and freeing Wano from their tyranny.
Ucy Dressrosa Arc During the Corrida Colosseum, Luffy and a fighting bull which he named "Ucy" teamed up. Later, after Usopp defeated Sugar and all the toys turned back into humans, he allied with Luffy again during his rampage for Doflamingo's head.
Sabo Dressrosa Arc Luffy's second brother who everybody thought was dead for 12 years. He reunites with Luffy at the Corrida Colosseum and Luffy is shocked and surprised due to the fact that Sabo is alive and starts crying after meeting him. He also had enough faith in Sabo's fighting skills to leave the finale in the Corrida Colosseum in his hands, allowing Sabo to take the Mera Mera no Mi. Sabo later told Fujitora that should Luffy ever need help, he would be there for him, having refused to ever lose another loved one ever again.
Koala Dressrosa Arc A member of the Revolutionary Army and acquainted with Sabo. She went to Dressrosa with Sabo and Hack in order to stop Doflamingo's weapons trade that has been promoting wars throughout the world. While there she reunited with Robin who she became friends with during those two years and later help the Straw Hats in their battle against the Donquixote Pirates.
Hack Dressrosa Arc Another member of the Revolutionary Army who went to Dressrosa with Sabo and Koala stop Doflamingo's weapons trade that has been promoting wars throughout the world. While there, he was turned into a toy by Sugar, but was turned back to normal after Usopp defeated her. He then assists the Straw Hats in defeating Doflamingo.
Elizabello II and Dagama Dressrosa Arc After Usopp defeated Sugar and all the toys turned back into humans, Elizabello and Dagama joined Luffy's rampage for Doflamingo's head, their primary motivation being to assist King Riku.
Gatz Dressrosa Arc After Luffy was exhausted from using Gear 4, Gatz came to his aid with the Corrida Colosseum fighters.
Bellamy Dressrosa Arc Former adversary and main antagonist of Jaya Arc, Bellamy initially belittled Luffy and his dreams, however after his defeat he reconsidered his claims and traveled to Skypiea. After the Timeskip he met a disguised Luffy in the Corrida Colosseum and recognized him immediately but still kept his identity a secret. After he lost the block, Diamante gave him the order to kill Luffy much to his anxiety but he soon discovered Doflamingo]] had ordered Dellinger to kill him. Betrayed, he went to confront Doflamingo during the Birdcage game and was beaten badly. When Luffy arrived to fight Doflamingo, he spotted a wounded Bellamy and tried to rescue him, claiming that they are friends, but was forced to fight him while he was under Doflamingo's power and later to knock Bellamy out when he gravely regretted his alliance choices. After the battle, he was healed by Law at Luffy's request, and escaped Dressrosa with the Straw Hats and their allies. After the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet he took a piece of Luffy's Vivre Card but noted that he isn't Luffy's subordinate.
Pedro Zou Arc to Whole Cake Island Arc Captain of the Mink Tribe's Guardians and a member of the Sanji Retrieval Team. As part of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance he joined the Straw Hats in their mission the rescue Sanji from captivity by the hands of the Big Mom Pirates and the Vinsmoke Family. Later, Pedro volunteered to steal or copy Big Mom's Road Poneglyph. Upon arriving at Whole Cake Island, the Sanji Retrieval Team split up to accomplish their goals, with Pedro leaving with Brook to acquire copies of the Poneglyphs. After realizing they were set up, the team reassembled in the Mirro-World. After rescuing Brook from Big Mom and talking with Luffy who has reunited with Sanji, the team learned that both of their goal were complete. They then continued to aid the Straw Hat as they formed an alliance with the Fire Tank Pirates against the Big Mom Pirates, in order to save Sanji's family. After the Vinsmokes and the alliance escaped, they rushed to the Thousand Sunny while the Big Mom Pirates gave chase. Pedro then detonate several sticks of dynamite that were strapped to his body in order to ensure the Sunny's departure and stalling Big Mom and Perospero.
Carrot Zou Arc to Wano Country Arc Member of the Mink Tribe's Musketeers and the Sanji Retrieval Team. As part of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, she joined the Straw Hats in their mission the rescue Sanji from captivity by the hands of the Big Mom Pirates and the Vinsmoke Family. While Pedro asked Nekomamushi's permission to help the Straw Hats and to watch over Pekoms, Carrot snuck aboard the Thousand Sunny and together they traveled with them to Whole Cake Island. Upon arriving at Whole Cake Island, the Sanji Retrieval Team split up to accomplish their goals, with Carrot staying with the rest of the team to wait for Sanji and Pudding. After realizing they were set up, the team reassembled in the Mirro-World. After rescuing Brook from Big Mom and talking with Luffy who has reunited with Sanji, the team learned that both of their goals were complete. They then continued to aid the Straw Hat as they formed an alliance with the Fire Tank Pirates against the Big Mom Pirates in order to save Sanji's family. After the Vinsmokes and the alliance escaped, they rushed to the Thousand Sunny while the Big Mom Pirates gave chase. Pedro then detonated several sticks of dynamite that were strapped to his body in order to ensure the Sunny's departure and stalling Big Mom and Perospero. The rest of the team (minus Luffy, who left to fight Katakuri) mourned their friend's sacrifice. When the team was cornered by Daifuku's squad, Carrot unleashed her Sulong form to clear the path. When Big Mom attacked the Thousand Sunny, Nami tried to avert her attack from an exhausted Carrot.
Vinsmoke Reiju Whole Cake Island Arc Sanji's elder, and only, sister. During the Sanji Retrieval Team's journey, Luffy was poisoned by consuming the skin of an Armored Stonefish, and was close to death until he was rescued when Reiju used her "Poison Pink" ability to remove the poison. She then thanked them for taking care of Sanji and learned of their objectives, but decided to keep their meeting a secret. After Sanji was beaten by his brothers, she took care of him personally, before their family left for Whole Cake Chateau and encountered Luffy and Nami on the way. Reiju seemed pleased when she saw her brother's friends, and troubled when Sanji attacked Luffy. Later that day, she investigated Pudding, only to be surprised and captured by her. After she was taken to the infirmary, she was informed by Sanji about the Charlotte Family's plans, before explaining about their mother's past. Reiju tried to convince Sanji to leave their family, including herself, to die, and to escape with his friends (whom she refers to as "amazing"), but Sanji refused. While Luffy searched for Sanji inside Whole Cake Chateau, Reiju once again helped Luffy by hiding him from the Big Mom Pirates and informing him that Sanji was aware of Pudding's deception. Due to her actions, Luffy is determined to rescue her and the rest of the Vinsmokes from being assassinated, and joined forces with the Fire Tank Pirates to take down Big Mom. During the Retrieval Team-Fire Tank Alliance's plan, she joined her family (minus Sanji) in providing cover while the rest of the alliance escape. Luffy and Sanji later faced against Big Mom to protect a defenceless Reiju. She later joined the rest of her family and army to help the Straw Hats escape Big Mom's territory.
Pound Whole Cake Island Arc One of Big Mom's former husbands, and Lola's and Chiffon's father, Pound met some members of the "Sanji Retrieval Team" in the Seducing Woods and provided them with valuable information on Linlin's powers and weather control abilities. This led to Charlotte Cracker attacking him, only to be stopped by Luffy. He later helped Nami in her fight against Brûlée, before traveling with them to Big Mom's castle in the hope of reuniting with his daughters. Much later, he followed Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon to Cacao Island, where he confronted Oven, and eventually helped the Fire Tank Pirates escape with the wedding cake to stop Big Mom's rampage.
Charlotte Chiffon Whole Cake Island Arc Pound and Big Mom's daughter, Lola's twin sister, and Capone Bege's wife. She strikes up a mutual friendship with Nami for the latter's connection to her sister, and stood up for Luffy when she believed her husband was sending him on a suicide mission during their assassination plan against Big Mom. She then joined her sister Pudding in her plan to make a cake to stop their mother's rampage and save the Straw Hats. After the cake was done, Sanji protected Chiffon from Oven.
Charlotte Pudding Whole Cake Island Arc One of Big Mom daughters, a member of the Big Mom Pirates, and Sanji's former fiancée. She initially planned to follow her mother plans and lured the Sanji Retrieval Team to an ambush in The Seducing Woods. She later showed her true nature, but due to Sanji chivalry began to assist the Straw Hats and seemingly showed signs of genuine affection toward Sanji. She helped Sanji and Chiffon make a wedding cake to calm her food crazed rampaging mother, and used her power and influence to have the head chefs of Totto Land assist as well. She later helped Sanji return to his friends on the Thousand Sunny, and then back to Cacao Island for her ex-fiancée to save Luffy from the Big Mom Pirates' ambush. Before they parted ways, Pudding kissed Sanji but took away his memory of the event.
Pekoms Zou Arc to Whole Cake Island Arc A mink from the Mokomo Dukedom and a member of the Big Mom Pirates. After Sanji's group saved his home from the Beasts Pirates, he tried to return the favor by letting them go despite Big Mom's orders, but was shot by Capone Bege for his betrayal. He later agreed to guide the Sanji Retrieval Team to Totto Land, but was separated from them when Bege abducted him from the Thousand Sunny. He later rejoined his crew and learned about the Straw Hats' actions on Whole Cake Island. When he heard the news of Pedro's sacrifice, he traveled to the Mirro-World, captured Brûlée, and carried Luffy away to fulfill Pedro's last wish for the Straw Hats' freedom, betraying his crew once more in the process.
Gama Pyonnosuke Wano Country Arc A frog that accompany Usopp since accidentally being saved by him by jumping on the latter's head as they both escaped a snake. It has since stayed with Usopp during his stay in Wano.
Tama and Komachiyo Wano Country Arc One of the last two residents of the Amigasa Village in the Kuri region. Tama met Luffy after he was drifted ashore to a beach, and he helped her defeat the Beasts Pirates who made her their captive. Her pet komainu, Komachiyo, and the former Beasts Pirate turned ally baboon, Hihimaru, then traveled to the home of Tama and her master, Hitetsu. After Tama made Luffy a bowl of rice, she drank from a polluted river and got sick. Luffy then took her on Komachiyo's back to find a doctor and encountered Zoro and Basil Hawkins. After escaping the Beasts Pirates, the four were joined by Tsuru, who led them to her tea house to get Tama treated. When Tama was abducted again, Luffy, Zoro, Komachiyo, and a worker at the tea house/samurai named Kiku, chased after Tama's kidnappers. After arriving at Bakura Town and engaging Urashima and several other residents in a fight, Holed'em showed up with Tama in his lion's mouth, with Luffy demanding her release. After a short battle, Luffy freed Tama and the group escaped Bakura Town with a supply of food for the residents of Okobore Town and encountered Law on their way out of town. When they returned to Okobore Town, Tama thanked Luffy before going back to her home with the help of her new trained ally, Speed, while Komachiyo took Luffy, Zoro, Kiku, and Law to the ruins of Oden Castle. Tama proved to be an invaluable ally on two separate occasions. The first was when she found an amnesiac Charlotte Linlin, befriending her and making the Emperor break into the Udon Prisoner Mine, which later allowed not only Luffy to escape it, but gained 4,000 more allies. The second was during the raid on Onigashima. Though she was initially left behind, she had her tamed Gifters take her to Kaidou's castle, where they spread her kibi dangos amongst their fellow Gifters which she activated when the time was right, turning them into allies for the Alliance.
Tenguyama Hitetsu Wano Country Arc The only other resident of the Amigasa Village, and Tama's master. After Luffy saved Tama from the Beasts Pirates, they traveled to the home of Tama and her master. After Tama made Luffy a bowl of rice, Hitetsu was angry and he attacked Luffy, until Tama cleared everything up. However, Tama got sick after drinking from a polluted river and collapsed. Hitetsu then lent Luffy indistinguishable clothes and directed him toward a doctor, trusting him with Tama's care.
Tsuru Wano Country Arc The owner of a tea house in Okobore Town and Kin'emon's wife. After Zoro saved Tsuru from the Beasts Pirates and reunited with Luffy, the team escaped Basil Hawkins' squad. During the escape, Tsuru identified the severely ill Tama and directed them toward her tea house, where she instructed Kiku to make the medicine. After Tama recovered, Tsuru told Luffy and Zoro the history of Wano Country, which made her a target of the Beasts Pirates, and while Zoro protected Tsuru from Batman, Gazelleman kidnapped Tama. Luffy, Zoro, Komachiyo, and Kiku then pursued them into Bakura Town. After the group saved Tama and returned to Bakura Town with a supply of food for Okobore Town's residents.
Shimotsuki Yasuie Wano Country Arc The former daimyo of Hakumi and a supporter of the Kozuki Family. His giving personality and cheerfulness allowed him to meet several members of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance and assist them in hiding from their pursuers. He later learn, along with the rest of Wano, of their ploy and showed interest in joining them, despite being unrecognizable due to his alias as "Tonoyasu". He later sacrificed his life to protect the plan and the lives of the Kozuki Family's allies.
Hyogoro Wano Country Arc The yakuza boss from 20 years ago and an ally of the Kozuki Family. Sometime during the past 20 years, he was imprisoned in the Udon Prisoner Mine and was forced to work for his meals. During the second act of the Wano Country Arc, Luffy was imprisoned as well and saved Hyogoro from vice warden Dobon, and then gave him food coupons, earning his gratitude. He was later attacked by another guard, and when Luffy protected him this time, the two were put on a execution show, during which, Hyogoro learned of Luffy's intention to use the opportunity to train his Haki and agreed to teach him the advanced Busoshoku technique.
Caribou Wano Country Arc A Super Rookie and a former antagonist during the Straw Hats' revival. He sought after Luffy's head to increase his reputation, but was easily taken cared of multiple times. After being escorted away from Fish-Man Island, he came across a rebellion against the emperor Kaidou's men and was brought to Udon's Prisoner Mine. There, he encountered Luffy again and tried to convince him to join forces and escape. Later, he was released by Raizo and helped him reach Luffy undetected and make plans for their and several other prisoners' break out.
Marco Marineford Arc, Wano Country Arc The first division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, who fought along side Luffy to save Ace during the Summit War of Marineford. He and Luffy respect the other greatly, to the point Luffy accepted Nekomamushi offer to recruit Marco, who agreed to came and assist Luffy.
Yamato Wano Country Arc The daughter of Kaidou, who claims to have been anticipating Luffy's arrival on Onigashima in order to leave Wano on his ship. She stopped Ulti from attacking Luffy, and took him to a safe location within Kaidou's fortress, introducing herself in the process as the self-proclaimed Kozuki Oden. Yamato later confirmed that the handcuffs that prevented her from leaving the island were explosive. Angered by Kaidou's actions, Yamato disowned him as her father. Luffy then assigned Yamato with the protection of Momonosuke, and after hiding him, Yamato headed to the roof of the Skull Dome to confront Kaidou after the Emperor threw Luffy off of the island. There, Yamato decided to actively fight Kaidou, knowing the chances of winning are low, with the intention of holding Kaidou back until Luffy returns.

Groups and Organizations

Of the many groups and organizations that have allied themselves with the Straw Hats, these are the more notable ones:

(Organizations) Arc Involved As Allies Involvement With the Straw Hats
Red Hair Pirates Romance Dawn Arc A pirate crew led by Shanks, the crew that inspired Luffy to be a pirate. They helped Luffy when he was captured by Higuma.
Usopp Pirates Syrup Village Arc The band of make believe pirates who helped the Straw Hats in stopping Kuro's scheme in their own way despite being only kids.
Baratie's staffs Baratie Arc The staff of the restaurant in the seas, fought alongside Luffy against the Krieg Pirates.
Saruyama Alliance Jaya Arc During the Straw Hats' time on Jaya, the alliance helped them to reach Skypiea. Their boss, Mont Blanc Cricket, informed them about how to reach the Sky Island through the use of the Knock Up Stream and the South Bird. The rest of the alliance modified the Going Merry into a "flying mode" to better maneuver the force of the current. Later, the Straw Hats repaid the alliance's efforts by ringing the Golden Bell thus clearing the Mont Blanc family name.
Galley-La Company Water 7 Arc to Post-Enies Lobby Arc The company originally fought against the Straw Hats when they learned that their president, Iceburg, was almost assassinated by Nico Robin. When the truth was finally learned, the three remaining Galley-La foremen decided to join the Straw Hats to fight against CP9. They, together with the Franky Family, formed a fighting force that invaded Enies Lobby and helped the Straw Hats reach their destination. After the Enies Lobby incident, the Galley-La company provided temporary room and board for the pirates while Iceburg and the foremen helped Franky build their new ship.
Franky Family Water 7 Arc to Post-Enies Lobby Arc A gang consisting of the dregs of Water 7 who were originally on opposite sides with the Straw Hats. They later joined forces with the Straw Hats after their boss, Franky, was captured by CP9. Together with the Galley-La foremen, they formed an army that aided the Straw Hats in their invasion of Enies Lobby. After the events in Enies Lobby, the gang gave the Straw Hats the wood from the Treasure Tree Adam which they bought with the money they stole from the pirates. They did this as thanks for rescuing Franky and to provide the materials to replace the ship the pirates lost.
Thriller Bark Victim's Association Thriller Bark Arc A group of Gecko Moria's victims that include the Rolling Pirates in their ranks. They helped the Straw Hats in their battle against Moria to reclaim back their shadows and against Bartholomew Kuma to protect Luffy. One of their prominent members, Lola gave them a Vivre Card for her "mama" in the New World after everything was done.
Rosy Life Riders Sabaody Archipelago Arc and Return to Sabaody Arc Initially antagonists of the Straw Hats due to the coincidental connection between leader Duval and the drawing on Sanji 's wanted poster. After Sanji reforms him to a more handsome face, the group becomes allies assisting them on the Sabaody Archipelago, particularly in locating Camie after her capture by slave traders. They also protected the Thousand Sunny in the two year timeskip when the Straw Hats were training and saved Brook when he was escaping the Marines.
Heart Pirates Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Marineford Arc to Post-War Arc, Punk Hazard Arc to Zou Arc, and Wano Country Arc The crew of fellow Supernova Trafalgar Law, and the only formal alliance the Straw Hats have made so far. Despite being rivals, they fought alongside the Straw Hats and the Kid Pirates after the Tenryūbito incident. After Ace's death, they escorted Luffy and Jinbe out of Marineford and gave them medical treatment. Due to their help, they ware specially allowed by the Kuja tribe to dock on Amazon Lily to finish Luffy's treatment. After meeting the Straw Hats on Punk Hazard, their captain offered Luffy an alliance as a means of dethroning the emperor, Kaidou. Upon meeting on Zou, some of the crew members tried to stop the fight between Luffy, Roddy and Blackback, and later the two crews formally met. together with the Kozuki Family and the Mink Tribe, their alliance with the Straw Hats grew to become the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance.
Kuja Pirates Amazon Lily Arc to Return to Sabaody Arc A pirate crew led by Boa Hancock, and composed of members from the all female Kuja Tribe. During the Straw Hats separation, Luffy landed on their territory and after earning their trust, became close friends and allies with the crew until his crew's return.
Kamabakka Kingdom and Newkama Land Impel Down Arc to Post-War Arc As Luffy penetrated deeper into Impel Down in order to save his brother, he came across the hidden prisoners who managed to escape their cells but stay within the walls of the prison, the Newkama. After Luffy was healed from poison, and revealed his heritage, the leader of the Newkama and an ally of Luffy's father, Emporio Ivankov, joined the young pirate in his rescue mission to save Ace, taking the Newkama with him. After the war, Ivankov returned to Momoiro Island, where he discovered Sanji and, with assistance from his "candies", helped train him during the 2 year time-skip.
Impel Down Prisoners Impel Down Arc to Marineford Arc During the escape from Impel Down, Luffy and his allies went about freeing as many prisoners as possible to improve their chances of escaping. Though the majority are mainly loyal to Buggy, they fought alongside Luffy at Impel Down and Marineford, mostly to ensure their own freedom.
Whitebeard Pirates Marineford Arc During the Whitebeard War, Luffy's effort and extraordinary will garnered him respect and admiration from Edward Newgate, his crew and allies, to the point where the legendary pirate ordered his men to assist Luffy. After Whitebeard and Ace were killed, the Whitebeard Pirates then put all their effort toward making sure that Luffy would survive.
Neptune Family Fish-Man Island Arc After the Straw Hat Pirates and Jinbe rescued the royal family from the clutches of the New Fish-Man Pirates, they returned the favor by helping the Straw Hats defend Fish-Man Island. The brothers, Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi and Manboshi helped Luffy fight Hody Jones, while Shirahoshi demonstrated great trust in the captain, placing herself under his protection while being targeted by Vander Decken IX. Neptune also chose to trust the Straw Hats after they saved Megalo, and cleared them of all charges after they saved Fish-Man Island.
Kozuki Family Punk Hazard Arc to Zou Arc, and Wano Country Arc A family from Wano Country that were attacked by the Beasts Pirates led by Kaidou and the shogun of Wano. Kozuki Momonosuke, the heir of the family, and three of its retainers fled in search of allies to help them fight back. They met the Straw Hats and Trafalgar Law on Punk Hazard and traveled with them to Dressrosa and then Zou in order to regroup with their allies, in the meanwhile witnessing their strengths. They grew to trust the pirates with their secrets and requested their help in their goal to defeat Kaidou and release Wano from his and the shogun's control, forming the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance.
Nine Red Scabbards Punk Hazard Arc to Zou Arc, and Wano Country Arc A group of samurai from Wano Country loyal to the Kozuki Family. The group was disbanded 20 years ago when a group of four disappeared and another left for a special mission. In truth, the four traveled to the present when three of them fled with the family's heir in search of allies to help them fight against the Beasts Pirates, with the fourth staying to gather intel on the events during that time. After some turmoils, they were reunited at Wano and started to regroup in preparation for the battle.
G-5 Marines Punk Hazard Arc The Straw Hats made a temporary alliance with Smoker and Tashigi's G-5 Marines in an effort to rescue the children kidnapped by Caesar Clown, Vergo and Monet along with escaping the island of Punk Hazard safely.
Tontatta Kingdom Dressrosa Arc Due to Usopp's lies, the whole Tontatta Kingdom joined him to fight Donquixote Doflamingo, and even after he revealed that he'd lied to them, his fight against Trebol and Sugar, which ultimately set the kingdom free, cemented his status as their hero. Leo, while rescuing princess Mansherry, dispatched Giolla, one of the members of the Donquixote Pirates, and in the process stopped her from healing other members of the Donquixote Pirates (Lao G, Dellinger, Sugar, Machvise, and several subordinates). Along with most of the Colosseum fighters, Leo and 200 of the Tontatta requested to join Luffy's crew.
Chinjao Family Dressrosa Arc After Luffy restored Chinjao's head and Usopp defeated Sugar and all the toys turned back into humans, Chinjao, Sai and Boo joined Luffy's rampage for Doflamingo's head. The family, Sai in particular, helped dispatch two members of the Donquixote Pirates, Baby 5 and Lao G. Along with most of the Colosseum fighters, Sai requested to join Luffy's crew.
Riku Family Dressrosa Arc The former royal family of Dressrosa who, due to Doflamingo's manipulations, were dethroned. They spent the past decade hiding, working and quietly rebelling against him until the Straw Hats came along. The first to attempt a cooperative relationship against the Donquixote Pirates was Kyros, as the toy Thunder Soldier. He worked with the Straw Hats in the mission to destroy the SMILE Factory. In exchange, the Straw Hats were asked to save the slaves being forced to work in the factory before destroying it. In order to do so, part of the operation included knocking out Sugar, the one responsible for transforming people into toys, so as to revert everyone back to normal. He helped dispatch two of the executives of the Donquixote Pirates, Buffalo and Diamante. The next to join was Viola, the former second princess, who was forced to work as one of Doflamingo's underlings. She was sent to assassinate Sanji, but saved him when she saw the cook's unfaltering faith in her, and her desire to be free of Doflamingo. She informed him of Doflamingo's trap and gave him a map for the Flower Field. She then later helped him avoid the Marines, as well as guide Sanji to the Thousand Sunny. Afterwards, she helped Luffy, Zoro and Kin'emon infiltrate the palace, and later helped in stalling for time for Luffy to defeat Doflamingo. After learning of the truth of her family with Sugar's defeat, the former crown princess, Rebecca, also volunteered to help the Straw Hats, offering to deliver the keys to Trafalgar D. Water Law's Seastone handcuffs. Finally, the previous king, Riku Doldo III, though initially hesitant to put his trust in the Straw Hats, especially given his dealings with the Donquixote Pirates, decided to take a leap of faith after hearing they had the approval from the rest of his family. He rallied the citizens behind the Straw Hats, and after Doflamingo's defeat, offered them sanctuary in the castle.
Corrida Colosseum Fighters Dressrosa Arc Though they were released from the Hobi Hobi Curse]] thanks to the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies, these ungrateful combatants quickly turned against the Straw Hats when Doflamingo started his death game. However, after realizing that the Warlord was going to kill them all regardless, the Corrida Colosseum fighters united under Gatz, who offered to help Luffy after he was exhausted from using Gear 4. Many of them later requested to join Luffy's crew.
Dressrosa Citizens Dressrosa Arc The citizens of the island that remained conscious through Doflamingo's deadly game with the Birdcage witnessed Luffy's defeat of the tyrannical Warlord, and considered him their hero. They assisted Luffy, his crew, and his allies three days after the battle by swarming the harbor where they were attempting to make their escape, yelling out that they'd attack him for kidnapping Rebecca but knowing the truth of the situation, and in reality making certain that Fujitora could not drop the island's worth of rubble that he had gathered to kill the crew.
Straw Hat Grand Fleet Dressrosa Arc Consisting of 5,640 men from the seven crews led by the Corrida Colosseum fighters and the Tontatta Corps. After the defeat of the Donquixote Pirates, and escaping the Marines on Dressrosa, the seven leaders asked Luffy to exchange sake cups with them as an agreement to serve under his wing. Luffy refused and claimed that he didn't want power but freedom, friendship, and free choice instead. Accepting his offer, they decided freely to drink and pledged their allegiance to him despite his refusal.
Mink Tribe Zou Arc and Wano Country Arc A race of humanoid animals inhabiting Zou, an island located on Zunesha's back. While the Straw Hats were divided during the Dressrosa Arc, a group consisting of Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Brook along with Momonosuke and Caesar Clown headed to Zou where they helped the tribe fight off Jack's remaining forces who were attacking the Mokomo Dukedom citizen and cleared up the gas. When the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates and their company arrived at Zou, they were welcomed with open arms and referred to as the tribe's benefactors. Currently in an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates to help the Kozuki Family reclaim Wano from the current shogun and the Beasts Pirates.
Fire Tank Pirates Whole Cake Island Arc A mafia-themed pirate crew from West Blue, led by Capone Bege, a fellow member of the Worst Generation. They joined forces with the Sanji Retrieval Team in order to take down the emperor Big Mom during one of her Tea Parties. While Bege is planning on killing Big Mom, Luffy wants to save his friend and his family from being assassinated by her. The two agreed to Jinbe's offer of joining forces due to their shared hatred toward the emperor, and the short window of opportunity. Even after the alliance's plan failed and each crew went their separate ways, they still worked together to escape Big Mom's territory and her rampage.
Sun Pirates Whole Cake Island Arc Following their Captain, Jinbe, the Sun Pirates prevented Pekoms from informing Big Mom about Bege's plot and subsequently, the Retrieval Team-Fire Tank Alliance, thus assisting their plan. Instead of leaving Totto Land, as instructed by Jinbe, they stayed and distracted the Territorial Sea Slugs, preventing the Big Mom Pirates from tracking the Straw Hats, and subsequently their allies, the Fire Tank Pirates, as well. They then clear an escape path near Cacao Island for the Straw Hats, before being attacked by Oven. Jinbe, now a member of the Straw Hats, stayed behind and joined his old crew to ensure the Straw Hats' escape.
Vinsmoke Family Whole Cake Island Arc The male members of the Vinsmoke Family were originally antagonistic towards the Straw Hat Pirates. After the Big Mom Pirates revealed their treachery, the Straw Hats, at Sanji's request, saved them from Big Mom's clutches before giving them earplugs and returning their raid suits. In response, they rescued the Straw Hats who became restrained by members of the Charlotte Family, before joining forces with the Straw Hat Pirates and the Fire Tank Pirates. They provided cover for the alliance while they escaped Whole Cake Chateau. After defeating the squad sent after them by the Big Mom Pirates, they fooled Mont d'Or into giving them the whereabouts of the Straw Hats, and traveled to Cacao Island, rescuing them from the Big Mom Pirates, allowing Sanji to return Luffy to their ship, while Judge attacked the Straw Hats' pursuers. They then took heavy damage from the Big Mom Pirates' counter attack.
WCI 31 Whole Cake Island Arc The head chefs of Totto Land, that under the influence of Pudding's memory manipulations, help Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon make a second wedding cake to stop Big Mom's craving.
Udon Prisoners Wano Country Arc The former prisoners of the Prison Mine that were freed thanks to Luffy taking over the facility, giving them back the hope for a better life that the Beasts Pirates tormented out of them.
Pleasures and Waiters Wano Country Arc The infantry of the Beasts Pirates, who with the loss of the SMILE Factory, were deemed useless by Queen, and decided to assist Chopper in his fight against the All-Star.


One Shots

Character(s) One Shot Involvement With the Straw Hats
Silk Romance Dawn, Version 1, One Piece: Romance Dawn Story A small town girl who protect her village from pirates. She and Luffy met while trying to defend against the upcoming attack from Gally, believing he was the infamous pirate. After the confusion cleared, the two fought against the real Gally.
Ann and Balloon Romance Dawn, Version 2 A girl from a village attacked by Spiel, and her pet Ruku. After encountering Luffy at sea the two fought against Spiel to release Ann and Balloon from his imprisonment.
Dragon Team Cross Epoch In the alternative universe of Cross Epoch, members of the Straw Hats were partnered with members of the Dragon Team on their way to Shenron tea party.
Toriko and his allies One Piece x Toriko Crossover After encountering the Gourmet Hunter and his friend, the Straw Hats help them make a dish from the Devil Fruit the two found for a large meal with Toriko's friends.


Character(s) Special Involved As Allies Involvement With the Straw Hats
Medaka, Herring, and Skid One Piece - Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack Three generation of islanders who were forced to work for the Ganzack Pirates. When the Straw Hats arrived to the island, they fought and defeated Ganzack, freeing his captives.
Meroie and Hamu Luffy Falls! Adventure in the Uncharted Ocean's Navel Two citizens of Ocean's Navel who guided the Straw Hats as they search for a hidden treasure and witness them taking down its guardians and defeating Joke, who was also after the treasure.
Maccus, Bonney, Amanda, Milia, and Holy Open Upon the Great Sea! A Father's Huge, HUGE Dream! A group of runaways following a treasure map left by the three girls' father. After they encounter the Straw Hats, Luffy and Amanda were captured by Zap and brought to Bayan to find the treasure first. The pirates eventually defeated Bayan and discovered the treasured pearl.
Randolph Theater members Protect! The Last Great Performance A group of performers who were assisted by the Straw Hats during a show after several of their members left. The Straw Hats later fought the Marines who tried to arrest the manager for false claims that he uses his theater to smuggle weapons, allowing the group to finish their act.
Toriko and his allies Episode 492, Episode 542, and Episode 590 During crossover events, the Straw Hat Pirates teamed up with Toriko and his allies due to various emergencies.
In Episode 492 the two groups fought island natives to rescue Nami and Komatsu.
In Episode 542 the groups searched for a Seafood Fruit to cure Chopper's illness.
In Episode 590 The two groups along with characters from Dragon Ball participates in International Gourmet Organization (IGO) and later fought against Akami.
Dragon Team Episode 590 The two groups along with characters from Toriko participates in International Gourmet Organization (IGO) and later fought against Akami.
Diego and Regis Episode of Luffy A wax figure artist and his marine son from Hand Island. The Straw Hats help release Regis from imprisonment by the corrupt Marines Commodore Bilić, and free the island from his rule.
Foxy Pirates Adventure of Nebulandia Usually adversaries, the Foxy Pirates briefly allied themselves with the Straw Hats to rescue their captive friends from Komei and the marines and in the search of the Rebound Mushroom. After returning to Mushroom Island, Foxy declared the two teams rivals once more.
Kinoconda Adventure of Nebulandia After escaping the marine ambush on Mushroom Island , Chopper, Brook and Chuchun hit Kinoconda and after a brief chase, he stumbled upon one of the marines' huge bear traps. After getting treatment from Chopper, it was discovered that the Rebound Mushroom grew on his neck. He later gave Chopper, Brook and several Foxy Pirates a ride to Nebulandia to help the rescue operation.
Myskina Olga, Myskina Acier, Elizabeth, and Chavez Heart of Gold The survivors of Alchemi, an island that disappeared over 200 years ago, and their pets. Olga and Elizabeth met the Straw Hats during their escape from Mad Treasure and told them the story of Pure Gold. Enchanted by the adventure, the Straw Hats decided to follow Olga's orders and travel into Bonbori. While separated inside the giant fish, Luffy met Olga's father, Acier, and together they tamed Chavez and went to save the captive crew and daughter. While being captive by Treasure's crew, Olga helped the crew pass the first trap on their way to find Pure Gold, and Acier helped Luffy see through Psycho P's power. After reuniting and defeating Treasure and his crew, the four joined the Straw Hats escaping from Bonbori. They later separated from the crew, after Chopper healed Olga's disease.


Character(s) Movie Involved As Allies Involvement With the Straw Hats
Ganzo and Tobio One Piece: The Movie A chef and his grandson, who were being used by Eldoraggo and his crew in order to find the famous treasure left by Ganzo's childhood friend and well known pirate, Woonan. The Straw Hats later found out Eldoraggo's plan, and stopped him from getting the treasure first and in the process freed Ganzo and Tobio.
Akisu and Borodo Clockwork Island Adventure A duo of con artists calling themselves "Thief Brothers". They joined forces with the Straw Hats to retrieve their ship from the Trump Siblings in order to continue on their travels.
Mobambi and Karasuke Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals The only human living on Crown Island and his pet crow. After the demise of the island former king, shortly followed by the sudden arrival of Chopper, the two believe Chopper should be the next ruler. After the defeat of Count Battler and his men, it was discovered that Mobambi is the rightful heir.
Adelle Bascùd and Shuraiya Bascùd Dead End Adventure A brother and sister from Elena that were separated after Gasparde's attack. The siblings reunited after the Dead End Race ended, and Gasparde's defeat, thanks to the Straw Hats' efforts against him.
Maya The Cursed Holy Sword The fiancée of Saga, Zoro's childhood friend, who was being control by the Shichiseiken. After Luffy and Zoro defeated and freed Saga, she was able to reconcile with her fiancé.
Brief Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island The sole survivor of the Mustache Pirates. He helps Luffy from being taken by the Lily Carnation, so he'd be able to free his captured crew.
Roba and Gonzo The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle Ratchet's mother and their family butler. Roba was found by the Straw hats and told them about the legendary golden crown in exchange for their assistance in getting her home. Later, the two freed the imprisoned Straw Hats from their cell so they could take down Ratchet's mechanical soldiers.
Billy One Piece Film: Strong World A giant bird who Luffy and Nami took a liking to. He helped the latter escape from Shiki's base, and assisted Luffy in his battle against Shiki.
Schneider and Buzz One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase An elderly pirate and his pet dog. Believing he was dying, and not wanting his pet to witness it, Schneider sends Buzz to retrieve Luffy's Straw Hat. When Buzz succeeded, the Straw Hats followed him and Chopper was able to heal Schneider.
Kuzan One Piece Film: Z A former Marines Admiral. He provided them with valuable information about Z's plans and whereabouts, saved Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp from Secon Island's destruction, and gave the crew an Eternal Pose leading to Piriodo.
Mobston and Gari One Piece Film: Z An elderly Shipwright and his grandson who provide the Straw Hats information on Z's past actions, and new clothes for their next showdown with the Neo Marines.
Z One Piece Film: Z At the end of the One Piece Film: Z, Z chose to sacrifice himself to let the Straw Hat Pirates and his comrades Ain and Binz escape Kizaru's blitz on Piriodo.
Carina One Piece Film: Gold A former thief, who had a friendly rivalry with Nami, turned performer on Gran Tesoro and a close ally of Gild Tesoro and his executives. When the Straw Hats arrived to the entertainment ship they were targeted by Tesoro, earned a massive debt, and Zoro was imprisoned. Carina used their predicament in order to offer them an alliance in order to steal from Tesoro the amount they needed and freed the swordsmen. She escorted the majority of the crew (minus Luffy and Franky) through Tesoro's security, and while they seemed to achieve their goal, Tesoro reveal that her plan was a ruse and part of his show. However, Carina was revealed to be a triple agent, and told the Straw Hats the truth in order to negate Tesoro's powers and fulfill her own goal of stealing the Gran Tesoro for herself.
Raise Max One Piece Film: Gold A member of the Revolutionary Army and a world renowned gambler who was imprisoned on the Gran Tesoro and lost his gambling spirit. When Luffy and Franky was thrown into the prison as well, Luffy's actions and Franky's words moved him to gamble one more time, this time on Luffy in his fight against Tesoro. Max, along with the rest of the prisoners, helped Luffy and Franky reach the sea water refinery in order to free themselves from Tesoro's powers, and protected Luffy when he was attacked by the Gran Tesoro employees.
Rikka One Piece Film: Gold A slave on the Gran Tesoro, attempting to earn enough to erase his family's debt with his sister Tempo. He gave the Straw Hats some information about the dark side of the Gran Tesoro, and protected Luffy from Spandam's revenge attempt.
Worst Generation's Super Rookies One Piece: Stampede The super rookies who debuted two years ago. While normally rivals and antagonistic toward each other, they worked together during the film to fight against Douglas Bullet.
Smoker One Piece: Stampede A marine Vice Admiral. During the film, he fought alongside Luffy and others to fight against Douglas Bullet.
Buggy One Piece: Stampede A member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. During the film, he fought alongside Luffy and others to fight against Douglas Bullet.
Boa Hancock One Piece: Stampede A member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and Luffy admirer. During the film, she fought alongside Luffy and others to fight against Douglas Bullet.
Rob Lucci One Piece: Stampede A World Government agent. During the film, he fought alongside Luffy and others to fight against Douglas Bullet.
Crocodile One Piece: Stampede A former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. During the film, he fought alongside Luffy and others to fight against Douglas Bullet.

Filler Arcs

Character(s) Arc Involved As Allies Involvement With the Straw Hats
Apis and Ryu Warship Island Arc A girl that the Straw Hats aided in her efforts to help the Sennenryu she had found and befriended.
Tajio Post-Arabasta Arc An apprentice chef on a Marines ship who is briefly taught by Sanji.
Kodama Post-Arabasta Arc A young girl who met Usopp who help her overcame her parents' death.
Zenny Pirates Goat Island Arc A crew consisting of Zenny, an elderly former pirate, and his goats heard. After being chased by Minchey, and forced to land on Goat Island, the Straw Hats came across Zenny and after Chopper's check up found out his days are numbered. The Straw Hats then decided to help Zenny and finish building his ship to set sail with his goats.
Pumpkin Pirates Ruluka Island Arc Henzo's childhood pirate crew from over 50 years ago, trapped in the time distorting Rainbow Mist. After being chased by the Marines, and forced to land on Ruluka, the crew was threatened by the Ruluka Government and had to split, and sail into the Rainbow Mist with Henzo. After using Henzo's research from the island to synchronize the time distortion and defeating Wetton, the corrupt ruler of the island, the Marines led by Rapanui arrive to arrest him and the Straw Hats, but Rapanui who is revealed to by the captain of the Pumpkin Pirates who remember the Straw Hats and lure them to the island on purpose, allows them to escape.
Mekao and Kobato G-8 Arc Two employees on G-8, a Marines stronghold base, who help the Straw Hats escape the facility after they crash landed there after leaving Skypiea.
Foxy, Porche, and Hamburg Foxy's Return Arc Three key members of the Foxy Pirates, that after they lose to the Straw Hats during a Davy Back Fight were abandoned by their crew. The Straw hats rescued them from being sunk, and help them regain their place on their crew after defeating its new captain, Kibagaeru.
Phoenix Pirates Ice Hunter Arc A crew of pirates that aided the Straw Hats against the bounty hunter Accino Family.
Sayo, Lina, and Nukky Spa Island Arc Two sisters and their pet, who tried to complete their lost father's research of the rainbow gem.
Yoko and Boss Little East Blue Arc A resident of Little East Blue and her pet Kaen Kabuto. While at first antagonistic toward the Straw Hats, after the defeat of the Amigo Pirates she was shown that not all pirates are evil, and became their friend.
Little East Blue residents Little East Blue Arc Being a colony of people from East Blue, the residents followed the Straw Hats action on the Grand Line and idolized them, especially the first five, who began their journey from East Blue.
Panz Fry and Lily Enstomach Z's Ambition Arc A father and daughter who the Straw Hat Pirates helped escape from the Marines and Neo Marines.
Sea Animal Pirates Caesar Retrieval Arc A group of sea animals led by one of the Kung-Fu Dugong that Luffy beat in Arabasta that consist of an only animal crew. While traveling in the Grand Line they were captured by Breed and was enslaved by his power until he was defeated by Luffy and Law.
Desire Silver Mine Arc Childhood friend of Bartolomeo, and former member of the Silver Pirate Alliance, she chased after Luffy and Bartolomeo and was trapped in Silver Mine with them, where she learned of Bill's actions and worked with the two in order to escape. After Bill's defeat, she thanked Luffy, and was even offered a chance to join Barto Club with the rest of her crew. Desire, however, refused the invite, claiming she wanted to pursue her own dreams, and not Luffy's.


Character(s) Game Involved As Allies Involvement With the Straw Hats
Gejitsu Pirates Set Sail Pirate Crew! A young crew who accompanies the separated members of the Straw Hat Pirates and eventually reunited them together to fight Rokai.
Dias and Atoli Legend of the Rainbow Island A boy and a princess who joined the Straw Hats and assisted them in beating Baroque Works and the Drayke Pirates. They leave the crew at the end of the game.
Coe, Otsu, Hey, Tay, and Wadatsumi Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands A group of bandits who help the Straw Hat Pirates against the Simon Pirates. They housed and cared for Vivi after she was kidnapped by Din and rescued by the crew, and they ferries the crew back and forth between islands on Wadatsumi's back.
Popola Unlimited Adventure A rabbit-like creature who helped the Straw Hats release the island's seals to defeat the Evil Guardian and return the island to its former state.
Gaburi Unlimited Cruise Parts 1 & 2 A demon-like creature who befriends the Straw Hats and helps them defeat the Doom Guardian by sacrificing himself. In the second part of the game, he returns to assist them in defeating the Demon of Doom.
Pato Unlimited World Red A pen that belongs to Patrick Redfield who helped the Straw Hats throughout the game and wanted to return to his master.
Yadoya Unlimited World Red A young woman who assisted the Straw Hats by running the shops and vendors in Trance Town as well as providing the crew with resources and information.
Jeanne World Seeker The leader of the "Anti-Marines" faction on Jail Island who repeatedly helped Luffy complete various tasks and stop her brother Isaac from creating super weapons using the Dyna Stones.
John the Scarred World Seeker A pirate who was abandoned by his crew and taken in on the Thousand Sunny to have Chopper treat his wounds. When Isaac sent his robots to attack the ship, John tried to defend it himself until Luffy arrived to destroy them.


Character(s) Event Involved As Allies Involvement With the Straw Hats
Dragon Team and Astro Boy and his team Kyutai Panic Adventure! After Frieza attack the Fuji TV building's orb section, Son Goku ask for Luffy's help, but before the Straw Hats mange to lend a hand, they were attacked by the Arlong Pirates. As a result, Astro Boy arrives to help secure the station orb.
Dragon Team and Kankichi Ryotsu Kyutai Panic Adventure Returns! As Ryotsu welcome the guests of the Fuji TV building, he is interrupted by the arrival of Enel on his Ark Maxim. Luffy and Goku then use Gomu Gomu no Kamehameha to defeat him.
Hakuto One Piece Premier Show 2017 A member of the Whitebeard Pirates, and a close friend of Ace. He fought alongside the Straw Hats against the BIG Pirates.
Toratsugu One Piece x Kyoto After the Straw Hats were hired to capture the Nue and release Kikuhime from his grasp by Lark, they discover it was actually Toratsugu using his Devil Fruit powers and learned the truth about Lark. They then teamed up with Toratsugu to free Kikuhime and Yo from Lark.
Igaram Jr. One Piece Premier Show 2018 A disciple of Karoo from Arabasta. He helped the Straw Hat Pirates stop the Bounties Pirates from assassinating all of the attendees at Levely.
Ann One Piece Live Attraction: Phantom and One Piece Live Attraction: Marionette A diva born on Tongari Island who helped the Straw Hat Pirates defeat Buggy and Puggy by creating a phantom of Ace to fight alongside Luffy. She later helped them save Tongari Island from Caesar Clown and Charlotte Cracker when she creating a phantom of Vinsmoke Reiju to suck Caesar's poison out of Sabo, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp.
Lance and Taylor Piece Trail: The Adventurers and the Amazing Spring After consuming a drink containing Tongari Island's rainbow-colored honey, the Straw Hat Pirates (minus Nami) lose their voices. Lance and Taylor, the princes of Strumia, help Nami and Sabo complete the ordeals of the Fountain of Miracles to return the crew's voices to normal.


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