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One Piece Straw Hat Theater (ONEPIECEワンピース麦わら劇場 Wan Pīsu Mugiwara Gekijō?) is a series of 3-page long One Piece omake manga strips drawn by Eiichiro Oda. Their stories tend to parody other genres such as science fiction or fairy tales. Most of them were initially published as bonus content in One Piece Complete Collection between the 2nd Log (2005) and the 20th Log (2012). The anime adapted the five initial chapters in the recap episodes 279283.

The Straw Hat Theater concept was created when Oda was given three blank sheets of paper by his editor and told to draw anything.

List of Straw Hat Theater Chapters

The following is a list of Straw Hat Theater chapters following their order of publication and numbering in the Straw Hat Grand Theater volume. A story called Orchestra of the Sea was also published under a "Straw Hat Theater" label in 2004, however, it has little in common with the actual format and is not considered part of the series in the volume.

# Title Release Date Published In Anime
1 Report Time November 30, 2005 The 2nd Log: Sanji One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements Episode 280
2 Obahan Time December 30, 2005 The 3rd Log: Nami Episode 281
3 No Honor Time February 28, 2006 The 5th Log: Chopper Episode 282
4 Chopper Man March 31, 2006 The 6th Log: Arabasta Episode 279
5 Monster Time May 2, 2006 The 7th Log: Vivi Episode 283
6 Space Time April 2, 2007 One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements
7 Red Hair of Class 3-Sea Time July 27, 2007 One Piece 10th Treasures One Piece Green: Secret Pieces
8 Märchen Time June 10, 2008 The 10th Log: Bell
9 Family Time July 1, 2009 The 13th Log: Nico Robin
10 Ed Sullivan Show August 1, 2009 The 14th Log: Franky
11 Great Detective Loomes February 4, 2011 The 15th Log: Thriller Bark
12 Circus Time November 9, 2012 The 19th Log: Marineford
13 RPG Time December 4, 2012 The 20th Log: Ace

Straw Hat Grand Theater

One Piece Straw Hat Grand Theater is a digital-only volume compilation of the Straw Hat Theater stories. It was released on September 16, 2020 alongside Volume 97.[1]

Straw Hat Grand Theater
Title Release Date Pages
One Piece Straw Hat Grand Theater (ONE PIECE 麦わら大劇場 Wan Pīsu Mugiwara Dai Gekijō?) September 16, 2020[1] 56
  1. Report Time
  2. Obahan Time
  3. No Honor Time
  4. Chopper Man
  5. Monster Time
  6. Space Time
  7. Red Hair of Class 3-Sea Time
  8. Märchen Time
  9. Family Time
  10. Ed Sullivan Show
  11. Great Detective Loomes
  12. Circus Time
  13. RPG Time
Cover character(s)

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