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The Striker[2] is a raft that was used by Portgas D. Ace.


Striker is a waterproof, one-man, yellow raft shaped like a half crescent. It has an engine in the back, two paddle-wheels on the sides, and a small sail in the back. Everything is linked to the main seat in the middle of the raft. In the manga, it has a black sail, while it is white in the anime.[1] The Whitebeard Pirates' Jolly Roger is painted on its sail and flag.[3]


Striker is powered by Ace's Mera Mera no Mi powers from the front seat that is linked to the engines on the sides and back of the craft. The ship has also been shown to be able to dive underwater.[1]



When Ace and Masked Deuce were shipwrecked on Sixis, Deuce built a raft named Striker for them to leave.[4] Around three to four years ago, when Ace went to Wano Country, he used Striker to leave Onigashima.[5]

Alabasta Saga

Striker was first shown during Ace's fight with Baroque Works Billions' ships. As Ace used his "Fire Fist" to annihilate the fleet, the Striker dove under the water, and Ace jumped over the wreckage. Then as the craft reemerged, Ace got back on and left.

Sky Island Saga

Ace's Great Blackbeard Search

After departing from the Straw Hat Pirates, Ace took Striker and sailed the sea in his search for Marshall D. Teach, helping to deliver a letter for Moda[6] but landing near Marine Base G-2.[3] Eventually, after acquiring new info on Blackbeard's whereabouts, Ace took Striker and left.[7]


A model of Striker is presented in One Piece Super Ship Collection.



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