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Suita[2] is a character that made his first appearance in the third TV special One Piece episode. He is Randolph's manager.[3]


He is an average man with long, blond hair. He wears a red suit and a pink tie.


Suita is a kind man that cares about his friends and respects them. He also doesn't care a lot about money since he was willing to pay Nami to perform without thinking twice.



He seems to deeply care about Randolph and he wanted everything to be perfect during the man's last performance. Randolph also seems to respect him and care about him.[4]

Abilities and Powers

Suita hasn't displayed any fighting skills but he can be considered as strong as an average person.


Sky Island Saga

Protect! The Last Great Performance

Suita was first seen advertising Randolph's last performance. Later, he congratulated Randolph for his acting skills and told him to not push himself too much before the performance. When Lola and two other actors quit he was frightened because he would have to cancel the play. But then Nami and the rest of the crew offered to perform so he felt confident again. When the play started he tried to keep Usopp away from the stage and he was very worried because the play was becoming a mess. However, he was relieved when Randolph showed up. While the actors were taking a break before the second part of the play, he informed Randolph that the new actors were actually pirates and that the captain of the crew had a bounty of Beli.png100.000.000. When the Marines declared that Randolph was selling weapons to pirates which he stole from the Marines, Suita was surprised to hear that and very worried about Randolph and the play. When Luffy freed Randolph, he, along with everyone else, went back to the ship and finished the play. Suita was moved by Randolph's last words on the play as he started crying because of them, and also because it was Randolph's last performance.


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