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For the Kyoshiro Family members, see Suke and Kaku (Wano).

Sukesan and Kakusan[2] are a pair of katana wielded by Kin'emon.[3]


Sukesan and Kakusan are very similar-looking katana. They have rectangular tsuba and scabbards featuring flame patterns.


The blades are used by Kin'emon with his Foxfire Style sword style. Kin'emon uses the katana both one at a time as well as dual-wielding.[3]


Kin'emon has owned Sukesan and Kakusan at least since he was 23 years old. During the battle with Kaidou on the rooftop of Onigashima, the swords were seemingly lost as Kin'emon is later shown with different pair of swords with circular tsuba.


  • The names of Sukesan and Kakusan are likely a reference to Mito Kōmon, a Japanese period drama which tells the story of Tokugawa Mitsukuni and his two samurai retainers "Suke-san" and "Kaku-san". They share this reference with Suke and Kaku.


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