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"Sunacchi" is a battle cry that was once part of the old dialect of Kuri in Wano Country,[1] and is also used in Shimotsuki Village in the East Blue by the old men who emigrated from Wano.[2]


"Sunacchi" is an abbreviation for a phrase translating to "Throw Away Your Name and Wits" (〝名前〟を捨てろ 〝知恵〟を捨てろ "Namae" o Sutero, "Chie" o Sutero?). The VIZ translation uses the phrase "Surrender Your Name and Be as a Child".[3]

When Ashura Doji and his comrades were children around 50 years before the present day, they used the cry of "Sunacchi" as a form of encouragement to partake in a "test of courage", which for them was cliff diving into the ocean. The cry encouraged them to stop thinking and worrying about the danger they may be in and just take action. Ashura's comrades gave that cry once again 10 years before the present, when they set off in an ultimately doomed journey to Onigashima to take down Kaidou.[3]

The cry was carried over to the East Blue by Shimotsuki Kozaburo and his comrades when they founded Shimotsuki Village 55 years ago, and Roronoa Zoro heard Kozaburo using it while training around a decade ago.[2] He never used it, but told Kozuki Momonosuke about it to energize the latter in his sword training, saying that it would strengthen his heart when his courage falters.[1][4]

The Kozuki retainers cry "Sunacchi" as they attack Kaidou.

Despite this, Kikunojo determined that the meaning of the cry made it improper for Momonosuke to use, possibly due to the greater significance of his "name" as the daimyo Kozuki Oden's son.[1] However, the cry was later used by the Nine Red Scabbards and Izou when they attacked Kaidou during the raid on Onigashima.[5]


  • The Wano Country version of "Sunacchi" is written differently from the East Blue version that Zoro and Momonosuke use; the Wano version is written in kanji with katakana furigana, while the East Blue version is written in hiragana (すなっち).


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