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The Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops[2] are a family of seven Super Spot-Billed Ducks (and later one camel) who serve the kingdom of Alabasta. They are led by their captain Karoo, and are reputed to be the fastest troop in the kingdom of Alabasta.[1] All of the ducks have the strange theme of wearing different types of hats and various other jewelry and clothing. Also strange was that the last member to join the squad, Matsuge, is a camel who helped the Straw Hats confront Baroque Works.


They are a specialized group of Spot-Billed Ducks who are considered the fastest in Alabasta, and as such have been given special treatment by the Royal Family, the Royal guards and the rest of Alabasta as a special independent transport group. Since their leader, Karoo, is the royal pet of the princess of Alabasta; Nefertari Vivi and has always lived and been by her side, it can be assumed that the other members are given similar, if not equal treatment, and live in the palace alongside Karoo. With the addition of Matsuge as a member, it can also be assumed that he has now been given this same treatment as well.


Member Name Description
Karoo Portrait Karoo (カルー Karū?) The captain of the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops.
Stomp Portrait Stomp (ストンプ Sutonpu?) The spot-billed duck with a reversed cap, and a very timid expression on his face. He is also very thin. Usopp rode on him on the way back to the Going Merry. Stomp is 15 years old, his birthday is October 10, he measures 202 cm and his blood type is X.[3]
Ivan X Portrait Ivan X (イワンX Iwan Ekkusu?) The largest of the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops. He wears a horned helmet with brown goggles. Luffy rode on him when the Straw Hats were going back to the Going Merry. Ivan X is 16 years old, his birthday is January 8, he measures 228 cm and his blood type is S.[3]
Cowboy Portrait Cowboy (カウボーイ Kaubōi?) The spotted-billed duck with the cowboy hat and glasses. He always seems to be relaxed, no matter the situation. Sanji rode on him on the way back to the Going Merry. Cowboy is 16 years old, his birthday is April 12, he measures 155 cm and his blood type is F.[3]
Bourbon Jr. Portrait Bourbon Jr. (バーボンJr. Bābon Junia?) The spotted-billed duck with sunglasses, a hat, and a bottle around his neck. Nami rode on him back to the Going Merry. Bourbon Jr. is 14 years old, his birthday is April 8, he measures 133 cm and his blood type is F.[3]
Kentauros Portrait Kentauros (ケンタロウス Kentarousu?) The spot-billed duck that smokes cigars, wears a dark Roman legionary's helmet, and always seems angry. He was Zoro's duck on the way back to the Going Merry. His name is another way of saying "Centaur" (which is also what he is called in the Viz Manga). The Centaur (Κένταυρος in Greek) was a mythological creature which was part human and part horse. Kentauros is 15 years old, his birthday is November 23, he measures 157 cm and his blood type is F.[3]
Hikoichi Portrait Hikoichi (ヒコイチ Hikoichi?) The spot-billed duck with a conical Asian hat, who has a rather surprised look on his face. Chopper rode on him back to the Going Merry. Hikoichi is 14 years old, his birthday is May 1, he measures 138 cm and his blood type is S.[3]
Matsuge Portrait Matsuge (マツゲ Matsuge?) A camel that joined the squad after the incident with Baroque Works.


Alabasta SagaEdit

Alabasta ArcEdit

Vivi sent Karoo to Alubarna with a message to warn the king. After Karoo reached the palace and successfully delivered the message, he and the rest of the super spot-billed duck troops left the palace to assist her and the straw hats. As Vivi and the Straw Hats (minus Luffy) make their way to Alubarna, Karoo and the spot-billed duck troops came to their aid, giving each of them, as well as their new camel companion, Matsuge, a ride as they traveled to the capital, with the camel being disguised as Vivi. Once they reach the capital, the spot-billed duck troops stayed on standby for most of the conflict while the Straw Hats, Karoo and Matsuge helped lure the Baroque Works officer agents away from Vivi. Later, after Karoo gets shot helping Vivi get to the palace, the squad take Karoo to safety while Vivi continues heading towards the castle.

After Crocodile's defeat and the complete end of the rebellion and civil war that he had started, the squad later assisted the straw hats in safely leaving the capital and returning to the Going Merry undetected. Afterwards they returned with Vivi and Karoo to the capital, and later welcomed Matsuge, who was given special treatment for it's actions, as the newest member of the super spot-billed duck troops (even though he is a camel).

Gedatsu's Accidental Blue-Sea LifeEdit

Karoo, Matsuge and the rest of the Spot-Billed Duck Troops were later seen enjoying the geothermal baths of Ukkari Hot Spring, owned and operated by Goro (Toto's brother and Koza's uncle).[4]


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