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The Superhuman Domingos are three members of the Buggy Pirates.


File:Superhuman Domingos Digitally Colored Manga.png

One has dark brown skin, and black hair parted to either side of his head. He wears a large circle earring, and a dark yellow button up shirt with brown pants and a light brown belt.

The second is bald and pale, and wears a reddish-brown shirt with writing on it. He has a white sash, and dark colored pants. He also has two horizontal scars around the upper part of his head.

The last one is tanned, with red hair and makeup on his eyes and lips. He wears a black and white checkered bandana, and a green V-neck shirt, with a brown sash and black pants.


They're all loyal and honest towards their captain, as they reported their failure to re-capture his stolen map.

Abilities and Powers

They all appear to be skilled swordsmen.


They were seen chasing Nami when she stole Buggy's map of the Grand Line. They trapped Nami but suddenly Luffy fell from the sky in front of her. One of the Domingos punched Luffy, making him mad because he touched his 'treasure'. Luffy then defeated him and the other two Domingos with ease, saving Nami in the process.[1]

Later they reported their loss to Buggy who in turned decided they should die. However they were spared his wrath when Nami showed up with Luffy tied up.[2]


  • The writing on the bald member's shirt says "Hanswurst", which is the name of a character in an early form of German stand-up comedy from the 16th to 17th Century. It's also an archaic swearword, referring to a stupid or silly person.
  • Domingos means "Sundays" in Spanish.


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime - Vol. 1 Chapter 8 and Episode 4, the Superhuman Domingos and Luffy.
  2. One Piece Manga and Anime - Vol. 2 Chapter 9 and Episode 5, the trio face Buggy.

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