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The Swanda Express was a vessel crewed by Mr. 2 and his men during the Arabasta Saga.


Built with a swan theme, the ship had a swan's head and was white in color. Another feature were hand operated paddle wheels. Its size is similar to the Going Merry. The Swanda has "Okama Way" (おかま道) written on the sail, as well as written in English on the ship itself, although the English says "Kama Way"[1].

Swanda Express Figurehead.png
Swanda Express Upper Deck.png
Upper deck.
Swanda Express in the Manga.png
Swanda Express in the manga.


Arabasta Arc

After the defeat of Baroque Works, Mr. 2 made up with the Straw Hat Pirates, declaring himself to be their friend. He and his crew helped the Going Merry and its crew to escape but were captured by Captain Hina of the Marines, resulting in Mr. 2's ship being sunk in the process.[2]


  1. The sails of the Swanda Express read "Kama Way".
  2. One Piece Manga and Anime - Vol. 23 Chapter 215 and Episode 129, Hina sinks the Swanda Express.

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