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Template:Island box Syrup Village is the birthplace of Usopp, and is a mostly peaceful area. The village is located on Gecko Islands. There are two slopes on either side of the island that are the only ways to enter the village, due to the fact there are high cliffs bordering the rest. This is the location of the Syrup Village Arc.

Notable Places



Meshi is the name of the restaurant in which Luffy, Zoro and Nami get to know Usopp a lot better. Luffy appreciates the food in the restaurant. Meshi means "food" or "meals" in Japanese. The restaurant first appeared in Chapter 23 and Episode 9.

Kaya's Mansion

Kaya's Mansion

Kaya's Mansion

Kaya's Mansion is the house in which Kaya and her servant Merry lives in. It used to belong to Kaya's Father, but since her parents died, she inherited the whole mansion and fortune. It is guarded by the Mansion's Guards. Kuro intended to take it by killing Kaya and manipulating her to sign a will for him to inherit it. The mansion first appeared in Chapter 23 and Episode 9. A mansion that looked similar also exists in Little East Blue.



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