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Tabi is a member of the Festival Pirates. He first appeared in One Piece: Stampede.[1]


Tabi is an average-sized man with a pointed nose and stubble on his chin. He wears maroon sunglasses, a red helmet with the Festival Pirates' jolly roger on it, a purple coat, white gloves, and a dark-purple belt around his waist. He wears a blue sash around his left bicep, a satchel over his left shoulder, red and purple striped pants, and purple shoes.[1]


Tabi is allegiant to his captain Buena Festa, informing him of Monkey D. Luffy's arrival, but he was surprised by Festa's emphatic outburst of running across his table to look for the young pirate.[1]


One Piece: Stampede

When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived for the Pirates Festival, Tabi ran through the crew' control room to inform his captain. He whispered the information in Festa's ear, causing Festa to excitedly jump out of his chair, run across his table full of food, and look out the window with his telescope at the incoming crew.

It is unknown what became of Tabi and the rest of his crew, as Festa was seen alone in the control room after Douglas Bullet began rampaging and was later captured by the Revolutionary Army.[1]


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