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Tabuhachiro is an samurai and an ally of the Kozuki Family.[3] After waiting 20 years for the return of the Nine Red Scabbards, he affiliated with the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance to raid Onigashima.[1][2]


Tabuhachiro is a large, heavyset old man with narrow eyes, large earlobes, and a wavy, black eyebrows. He has a blue and white flower tattoo on his right shoulder and wears an orange kimono with a white shawl. Like the other rebels affiliated with the Kozuki Family, he has a moon tattoo on his ankle.[1]


Tabuhachiro Beasts Pirates Disguise.png
Tabuhachiro in his Beasts Pirates disguise.
Tabuhachiro Second Color Scheme.png
Tabuhachiro's second anime color scheme.


Tabuhachiro is loyal to the Kozuki Family and was faithful for their return, waiting 20 years and readily offering his aid in opposing Kurozumi Orochi.[1] He is often seen smiling, even when facing his enemies, and he has a strong will in contrast to his cheerful expression.[4][3]

Abilities and Powers

At the start of the raid on Onigashima, Tabuhachiro carried a katana.[5] After abandoning his Beasts Pirates disguise, he wielded a hammer with a long shaft.[4]



In the past, Tabuhachiro was allied with the Kozuki Family. After hearing Kozuki Toki's prophecies about the downfall of Kurozumi Orochi and the opening of Wano Country's borders, Tabuhachiro and his allies waited for 20 years for the Nine Red Scabbards' return.[1]

During the Timeskip

After 20 years, Tabuhachiro and his comrades witnessed Momonosuke's return, and they swore their loyalty to the Kozuki Family and offered themselves as allies to stand against Orochi.[1]

Wano Country Arc

Tabuhachiro was among those arrested and thrown in Rasetsu Town for conspiring to defy Orochi.[6] In prison, he and the others received Shimotsuki Yasuie's final message of the rebels' new gathering place.[7] The group watched as the Straw Hat Pirates saved Toko and fought off Orochi's subordinates.[8]

On the day of the Fire Festival, Tabuhachiro and the other rebels were freed from Rasetsu Town by Denjiro, adding 1,000 soldiers to the raid's forces. The group sailed to Tokage Port to retrieve the Scabbards and commence the raid.[2]

After docking on Onigashima and sinking their ships, Tabuhachiro and the others disguised themselves as Waiters using Kin'emon's Kin-chan Gofukuten. Kin'emon instructed them to avoid unnecessary conflict, as the disguises will disappear if damaged, and the group cheered in anticipation of the invasion.[5]

Tabuhachiro joined Kin'emon's Eastern forces, and the group approached a brothel. After Sanji failed to find any women, he continued to follow Kin'emon across the bridge while the Infiltration Team entered the Skull Dome through the building. The group heard someone from inside the brothel and all jumped in the water to hide, except Chopper and Usopp who were riding in the Brachio Tank V.[9] The group eventually infiltrated the party on the Live Floor and pretended to celebrate alongside the real Beasts Pirates.[10] After Luffy declared an all-out war, Tabuhachiro and his allies abandoned their disguises and stood ready to fight the enemy crew.[4]


  • "Tabu" is likely derived from mimitabu (耳たぶ? "earlobes"), referencing his large earlobes.
  • His appearance resembles Budai (also known as Hotei in Japanese), who is one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese Mythology.


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