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Tacobo is a wanted criminal. Not much is known about him, but his bounty poster was shown among the posters that Johnny and Yosaku had with them.[1]


Tacobo is a bald man with big ears and a diagonal scar on the left side of his forehead. He wore a dark gray vest over a light gray shirt. His bounty poster showed him with an evil stare and sinister smile.[1]


As a wanted man, Tacobo did something considered to be bad enough to warrant him having a bounty placed on his head.[1]

Abilities and Powers

It is unknown what abilities and powers he had, other than he was feared enough to be given a bounty. However, the low value of his bounty suggests that he is either not that strong or not that dangerous.[1]



Some time in the past, Tacobo was given a bounty of Beli.png1,000 by the World Government for unknown reasons.[1]


  • Tacobo possesses the lowest known bounty among non-canon characters.[1]


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