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Upon his introduction, Tacos declared he would rather die standing than live while kneeling; this quote from [[wikipedia:Emiliano Zapata|Mexican Revolutionary Emiliano Zapata]] values national pride in the face of foreign and counterrevolutionary interference in Mexican affairs.{{qref|name=debut}}
Upon his introduction, Tacos declared he would rather die standing than live while kneeling.{{qref|name=debut}}
==Abilities and Powers==
==Abilities and Powers==

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Tacos is the king of the Shishano Kingdom.[1]


Tacos is an older man with a long, oval-shaped face. He has a very large taco-shaped mustache that curves downward, and his hair is gathered into a ponytail. Tacos wears a serape with a detailed pattern on it as well as a sombrero with a small cactus in the center.[1]


Upon his introduction, Tacos declared he would rather die standing than live while kneeling.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As king of the Shishano Kingdom, Tacos has control over its citizens and is able to attend the Reverie.[1]


Reverie Arc

Tacos arrived at the Red Port to attend the Reverie at Mary Geoise, declaring he would rather die standing than live while kneeling.[1] After reaching the top of the Red Line via a bondola, Tacos made his way to the Mary Geoise castle.[2]

The kings and queens later gathered inside the conference room to begin the Reverie.[3]


  • Tacos' name and appearance are heavily based on Mexican culture:
    • Tacos are a Mexican dish that are very popular in the rest of the world. The most famous Los Angeles taco chain is King Taco, his name in the official English release. This may be intentional by either Oda or the translators, given the chain's fame and since Viz Media is a California-based company.
    • Tacos wears traditional Mexican garb and hat. This attire is reminiscent of Jean Ango's who also had a cactus on his head (although his cactus was actually a part of his head.)
    • The name of his kingdom is a reference to the Kingdom of the Dead, Day of the Dead, or Dia de los muertos holiday.
    • Tacos quoted Mexican Revolutionary Emiliano Zapata upon his introduction.


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