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The Tajine Kingdom is a nation somewhere in the world that is ruled by Queen Mororon.


Nothing is known about the country's geography because it has yet to make an appearance.


Nothing is known about the kingdom's history because it has yet to make an appearance.


  • The Tajine Kingdom seems to be based on Morocco in North Africa:
    • In fact, the Tajine is one of Moroccans' traditional dishes.
    • The queen's name "Mororon" contains the first two syllables of "Morocco", one of the countries in the Maghreb region.
    • Mororon quotes the movie Casablanca, set in Morocco, upon her introduction.
    • Mororon's dress is a Kaftan, a traditional robe which Moroccan women wear on special occasions. Her bodyguards wear the Djellaba, Moroccan men's traditional robes.


  1. One Piece Manga — Vol. 90 Chapter 905 (p. 6), the Tajine Kingdom is mentioned.

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