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Takao, also known as O-Taka (お高?), is a kamuro living in the Flower Capital of Wano Country who attended to the oiran Komurasaki alongside Toko.[2][3]


Takao is a young girl who appears slightly older than her fellow kamuro Toko. She has dark eyes (colored teal in the anime) and dark blue hair styled in a bob cut. She wears a magenta kimono, a white haneri with a pink dot pattern, and a yellow ribbon around her waist.


Takao remains calm and expressionless during the eventful oiran procession, showing her dedication to the task.[1][3] Takao showed concern when Toko laughed at Orochi during his banquet.[4]


Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

Takao took part in the oiran procession before the shogun's banquet, walking in front of Komurasaki with Toko.[1][3] At the banquet, when Toko laughed due to the other guests making fun of Orochi, Takao was concerned.[4]


  • "Takao" is a name held by multiple generations of tayū (highest-ranking courtesans) at Yoshiwara.


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