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I really don't think this page is of any interest, plus it's a stub. A link to Wikipedia would make a much better job. sff9 19:14, April 2, 2012

It doesnt hurt to keep the page. Lets leave it as it is.. LPKWhat?19:30,4/2/2012

Delete it. It is a useless article that should have never been created. SeaTerror 20:08, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

Bumping this. sff9 18:53, June 1, 2012

Let it burn.  リ チ ャ ー ド   Strong Fist «ℑ» «ℜ» «✩» «☯» Mornin'! ™19:02/1/Jun/2012 (UTC) 

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