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There are some more trivia things i would add, but i'm not sure that they are interesting. I'll write them here and then someone will value them ok?

  • Rayleigh seems to be born on these islands;
  • The cannon ball that hit Caribou isn't seen bypassing his body, but only disappearing;
  • Rayleigh feels to be near of the death (his speaking after Roger's flashback, about the possibility of continuing living a little longer);
  • Kuma is seen very damaged; it's unknown if wounds are from the Marinford arc of from the fight for defending the Sunny; he is seen without his gloves;
  • Vegapunk is not a believer in absolute justice;

Sorry if i made you lose your time. --Meganoide 09:47, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

I believe that most of these shouldn't be added to the article. 1. Rayleigh stated that because his house was burnt he lived in a boat but it's nowhere mentioned that he was born there, remember, Sanji wasn't born in East Blue but he was raised there. 3. Rayleigh meant that these are interesting times to live, the part about him saying to "live a little longer" is how old men are talking, he obviously wants to witness Luffy carry out his dream. 4. Kuma was in fact unharmed when he appeared to protect the Thousand Sunny, check out chapter 593. 5. We don't now enough about Vegapunk to write about him not believing in Absolute Justice, other people who appeared to believe in it (like Sengoku) have done things that do not abide by it. 2. As for the Caribou thing I think that is noteworthy to mention, notice that the cannon ball was absorbed to his body and did just disappear, the manga displayed that clearly. That's all. MasterDeva 10:59, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Caribou's "Logia" Edit

As has been stated many times, it is uncomfirmed whether Caribou has a logia. We probably shouldn't mention this until it is confirmed.Pacifista15 17:19, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

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