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Improving the "History" sectionEdit

I feel incorporating some of this would be more descriptive (I wrote this for a wiki when I wasn't sure if a page for Gari existed):

Gary is a small child who the Straw hat Pirates meet in One Piece Film Z

He tells the Straw Hats that he wants to be a hero when he grows up, and asks them whether he should become the pirate king or a marine admiral. Luffy tells him that pirates aren't heroes, which surprises Gary. Sanji asks Gary if marines and pirates are the same to him, and Gary says yes. 

As the rest of the crew bid Gary farewell and board the Sunny, just as Gary looks disappointed at not receiving an answer, Luffy tells Gary that he should be whatever he wants. Luffy then boards the Sunny, with Gary standing there, grinning. 14:53, June 13, 2015 (UTC)

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