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Doing my best, part one ;)

And so I came to look at the translations and lyrics of my loved One Piece songs, not that I don't know japanese at all, just to confirm stuff, and to know what I don't know. Suprise, they are nowhere to find... And I though "Well, I'll just wait, someone is bond to do it! ^^º", but... What if everyone thinks same as me? Well, then I at least have to try it myself... Hey, it's a challenge! I hope everyone enjoys my work, and if you know anything's incorrect, please correct it! ^^
  • Rumble ball, romaji version 1, even cared to try to count the lalala's (it didn't went that well, he sings too fast for me) XD Please tell me what you think of it! ^^
      Hyuuga Rin 22:04, 23 November 2008 (UTC)
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