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I agree with having some real-world references in the Trivia section, since this tradition came from Oda stating the name inspiration of pirates in the SBS. The official English name, King Taco, is probably a reference to the Los Angeles taco chain (which is quite famous and is very close to the LA Anime Expo, so this is probably done intentionally by Oda and/or Viz) and should be in Trivia. The resemblance to Danny Trejo should probably be in Trivia, too.

In this case, pretty much all the information we have about the character is their design is 100% Mexican. The placement of the Zapata quote has become a point of dispute. This is from the chapter itself, and is not mere SBS Trivia. The quote is the very core of what we know of them as characters. The inference that this means the character has a prideful personality, while omitting any reference to Zapata, is highly misleading. To take an example, Jinbe's resemblance to Japanese sumo wrestler and onis is not in his trivia section, it is in his appearance section.

This is why I think instead of separate Appearance and Personality sections which are stubbish, a larger "Appearance and Thematic Inspiration" section is for the best since we don't know much about his personality. Additionally, since all he's really done in the manga is say that quote, it should be stated in their History section as well as the Trivia IMO. Plumber 12:47, June 23, 2018 (UTC)

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