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Tama is a friendly pet sphinx from Whitebeard's home island Sphinx. It is owned by Oide.[1]


As a sphinx, Tama resembles a lion with a humanoid face, sharp fangs, feathers along its back and arms, and a bushy mane which has a tuft of hair at the top that stands-up right. Unlike the sphinx in Impel Down, Tama is notably smaller, only being about three times larger than Marco.[1]


Tama seems to be a friendly creature who loves its owner, Oide.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Being a sphinx, along with its large size, might indicate that it is quite strong; however, it is never seen fighting. It also does not seem to be capable of mimicking speech yet. Normally it seems to be capable of flight with its wings; however, it is injured and needs to rest before it can fly again.[1]


Wano Country Arc

In Whitebeard's homeland, Tama was being healed by Marco after it suffered several injuries. After Marco tended to its wounds, Oide thanked the doctor and they went on their way.[1]


  • Tama means "ball" in Japanese and is commonly used as a name for cats in Japan.


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