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The Tama Tama no Mi is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit[2] that turns the user's body composition into that of an egg, which if cracked open will cause the user to regenerate into a stronger body that features more and more chicken-like features each time. It was eaten by Tamago.[3]


  • "Tama" is short for tamago (?), the Japanese word for "egg."
  • In the English translation, it is called the Egg-Egg Fruit.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As a Zoan, the fruit is quite unique compared to others of its class. Rather than allowing its user to willingly transform into a full animal and a hybrid of themselves and the animal, it gives the user the form and properties of a chicken egg.

The fruit's transformation cycle.

If the user is hit with a heavy blow that would injure or otherwise kill a regular person in their base form, such as a slash from a sword, the user's body will crack open just like a real egg and unleash a yolk from it. The destroyed body will then be reduced to an empty shell while the yolk evolves into a stronger form for the user with the added features of a chick. And should that form be fatally struck as well, the process will repeat again and the user will evolve into a fully-grown chicken, which is the strongest form the user can evolve into.[3] Should their strongest form be destroyed, the user will revert back to their weakest base form. This endless cycle can effectively prevent the user from dying in battle.[4]

As stated above, the user cannot freely transform into their different forms like other Zoan-type users, and must be hit with a powerful blow in order to transform. Also, the user is completely defenseless while in yolk form, and they can be attacked and killed in the midst of the evolution process. The regeneration process does not apply to certain areas, as Tamago did not regrow the eye that Pedro took from him five years ago.[3] Otherwise, the user is affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


With this fruit, Tamago's body takes on the shape and composition of an egg, giving him the name Baron Tamago. When his body is cracked open, a yolk emerges, and after a short amount of time, he evolves into his next stage from the yolk. He first transforms into Viscount Hiyoko, and then becomes Count Niwatori after Viscount Hiyoko is defeated.[3]

Baron Tamago.png
Baron Tamago.
Tama Tama no Mi Evolution.png
Mid-transformation state.
Viscount Hiyoko.png
Viscount Hiyoko.
Count Niwatori Full Body.png
Count Niwatori.

Baron Tamago

Baron Tamago (タマゴ男爵 Tamago Danshaku?) is Tamago's first and main form. In this form, he gains an eggshell around his waist, and wields a shikomizue. He is also very proficient in rapid kicking attacks and wears tights that protect him from Electro. In this form, he often adds French words to his speech. Tamago means "egg" in Japanese.

Viscount Hiyoko

Viscount Hiyoko (ヒヨコ子爵 Hiyoko Shishaku?) is Tamago's second form. Tamago's skin turns yellow, and he gains a beak and a pair of small wings, as well as two knives. Tamago is stated to be strengthened in this form. In the anime, Hiyoko has shown greater speed and agility, able to corner Pedro with extremely quick strikes. In this form, he often adds "Peep" (ピヨ Piyo?) to the end of his sentences.[3] Hiyoko means "chick" in Japanese.

Count Niwatori

Count Niwatori (ニワトリ伯爵 Niwatori Hakushaku?) is Tamago's third form. This form looks like an oversized white rooster with complete wings, red wattle, and comb, while retaining his mustache like in his previous form.[5] It is stated to be a "true knight", but its abilities have not been shown.[3] He is supposedly extremely resilient since he escaped seemingly unscathed after being engulfed by an explosion caused by Pedro at point blank range.[5] In this form, he often adds "cluck" (コケ Koke?, short for コケコッコー, which is the onomatopoeia for the rooster call "cock-a-doodle-doo") to his speech.[3] Niwatori means "chicken" in Japanese.


  • The fruit's power and usage possibly references the Chicken or the egg dilemma.
  • This is one of the rare occasions where a Zoan class Devil Fruit affects the user's clothes more than simply expanding in size and shape to accommodate a bodily transformation.
    • When transforming from Baron Tamago to Viscount Hiyoko, the magenta suit is replaced with a yellow one with white pants.
    • When transforming from Viscount Hiyoko to Count Niwatori, the yellow suit is replaced with a pale pink one.
    • According to a drawing that explained the transformation cycle, when transforming from Count Niwatori to Baron Tamago, the pink suit reverts back to the magenta one.
  • Prior to the video on the official One Piece Youtube channel confirming the Tama Tama no Mi as a Zoan type, it was originally classified as an Unknown type in One Piece Magazine Vol.1[6].


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