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Tamachibi is a child whom Dr. Kureha managed to heal. The child had an infectious wound on his leg. While initially terrified of Kureha, he later thanked her for the help. He lives in Cocoa Weed, as his father has a restaurant in the city.[1]


He is a short boy with tan skin. He has brown slightly unkempt hair, big black eyes, and small ears. He wears a gold coat, with white fur lining in the hood and at the tip of the sleeves.


Tamachibi is a young boy, who was first seen crying in pain. Once Kureha healed him, he seemed very happy to have recovered.



He seems to have a good relationship with his father, as Stool tried to get him to stop crying without resorting to aggression or threats.


While initially he was doubtful of Dr. Kureha's intent, he seems to have come to trust her since she healed him. 


Drum Island ArcEdit

He was first seen when Dr. Kureha arrived in Cocoa Weed and cured him of his illness. Afterwards, he was very thankful to Dr. Kureha for saving him.[1]


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