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Tamarisk is a city located in Alabasta. This is where Nefertari Vivi reaffirmed her bond with the Straw Hat Pirates as they left the country.[2]


Tamarisk is a coastal town and Alabasta's eastern port set in hills. Like the rest of Alabasta, it has an arid desert climate, but it has some grass and dead trees in it. The buildings are all rectangular with small windows, and many have tall towers attached to them.[1]


Alabasta ArcEdit

Smoker and Hina docked in Tamarisk to reunite with Tashigi and arrest Crocodile. She apologized to Smoker for not only apprehending the Straw Hat Pirates but helping them defeat Crocodile. Smoker told her to become stronger, which she replied in affirmation through her tears. Walking down from his ship's deck, he ordered his other subordinates to bet on board. Answering a call from Marine Headquarters, Smoker contested their decision to grant him and Tashigi awards for capturing Crocodile, explaining that the Straw Hat Pirates had worked hard to save the country. Hina tried to convince him to accept the awards and promotion, but he forcefully told off the Marine on the other line before hanging up.[1]

X Mark Farewell

Vivi and Karoo bid the Straw Hat Pirates farewell at Tamarisk.

The Straw Hat Pirates stopped in the sea off the coast of Tamarisk, waiting for Vivi's decision on whether or not she would travel with them. The Marines started to approach, so the crew set sail. However, Luffy was confident that Vivi would come. She and Karoo did, but they came to say goodbye. She explained that she could not leave as she loved her country and had to lead her people. She asked if they will still call her a crewmate if they see each other again, but before Luffy can respond "yes," Nami grabs his mouth to prevent the Marines from learning their affiliation. Instead, they left and brandished their "X" marks on their wrists, providing their answer to Vivi's question.[2] Vivi and Karoo watch their friends sail away, and Vivi puts her hair in a ponytail before returning to Alubarna.[3]


  • The tamarisk is a plant genus that grows in drier, arid climates. The tamarix ramossima, also known as the salt cedar, is an invasive species that consumes large amounts of groundwater in the American Southwest.


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