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The Tarai Current is a giant spiral ocean current that flows between and connects the World Government's three major facilities in the first half of the Grand Line; the judicial island Enies Lobby, the underwater prison Impel Down, and the now former Marine Headquarters Marineford.[2] It is caused by the Gates of Justice redirecting the water currents.

It is located on the Grand Line in a corner where the adjacent Calm Belt and Red Line intersect. The three facilities form a triangle that surrounds the current.


The flow of current caused by the Gates.

By riding the Tarai current, ships are able to travel between the three World Government strongholds privately and at much greater speed than they would normally be able to.

The only way to access the current is to enter through a facility's Gates of Justice. When the Gate of Justice are open, the current is let in and any ship can enter or exit the Tarai current with ease. However trying to sail in or out of the Tarai current directly is impossible, as the "sides" of the triangle have several small currents that would sweep away any ship that tries to bypass the gates. Additionally, if the gate at the destination is closed, then the ship would be unable to leave the Tarai current and would simply be forced forced to pass on by the location.

The purpose of these gates and the Tarai current is to allow easy travel for Marine and Government ships between the three respective places they are located at. Thus, only ships affiliated with the World Government are allowed to pass through the gates. If criminals somehow managed to pass through the gates, they would most likely be trapped, since the World Government would refuse to open the gates again for the criminals and they would have no way of escaping the Tarai current.[1]

After the Summit War of Marineford and the two-year timeskip, Marine Headquarters in Marineford swapped places with Marine Base G-1 in the New World.[3]


  • The Buster Call on Enies Lobby reached its destination after 30 minutes, and Gloriosa states that one can reach Impel Down from Amazon Lily in one week without the Tarai Current and in 4 days with. These facts suggest that one can travel 3 days worth of distance in half an hour when using the gates.
  • The current's name might be a reference to the Japanese expression meaning "to be sent around" (たらい回し tarai mawashi?), mostly used when someone is transferred back and forth to different offices to solve a problem they might have.


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