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Tararan was a General Zombie on Thriller Bark. He was the one that caught the Thousand Sunny in his webs, so it could not move. His main job on Thriller Bark was to capture ships. He also commanded the spider mice.


Tararan Anime Concept Art

Tararan's concept art from the anime.

He was a giant combination of a monkey and a spider. He had the head, hands and tail of a monkey, and the body of a spider. His spider body was black and yellow striped. He had bandages wrapped around his hands and the middle of his torso, and wore what seemed to be an aviator hat, partially colored black, with one goggle covering his left eye. His right eye had shadows around it, and he was missing one of his teeth.


Tararan is a very smug and vicious creature, telling Franky and Robin that they will all be annihilated. He is also deeply terrified of Brook.

He has a habit of starting his sentences with “Monkey, Monkey”. He has bad hearing, but Franky questioned whether this was true or if Tararan was just pretending.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a General Zombie, Tararan is immortal and has a lot of strength, which is shown when he survived a bridge collapse and a considerable fall. Hogback modified all of the threads in the spider mice, including Tararan, so they cannot be cut, so Tararan is immune to most sword attacks. However, Brook was able to defeat him by attacking his weak point.


  • Spider Nettori Net (スパイダーねっとりネット Supaidā Nettori Netto?, literally meaning "Spider Sticky Net"): Tararan sends out a spiderweb from the palm of his hands to create platforms for climbing or to immobilize an opponent. In the Viz Manga, this is called Sticky Spider Net.


Brook Defeats Tararan

Tararan being cut by Brook.

He was fought by Robin and Franky. Franky completely dominated him in their match until Robin was caught in a spider mice web. When Franky turned around to help Robin, Tararan caught him in his web. Tararan was defeated when Brook came around and purified him by putting salt into his mouth. His shadow was then returned to its original owner.

Major BattlesEdit


  • His name possibly comes from the word "tarantula".
  • His combination of a monkey and a spider is a pun on the spider monkey.
  • He has a habit of starting his sentences with "Monkey, Monkey".
  • He also has a distinct laughter that sounds like a monkey: "A-a-a-a-a".

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