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Captain Tashigi[5] is a Marine officer serving under Vice Admiral Smoker in the base of G-5.[2]

She was originally introduced as a Master Chief Petty Officer in Loguetown[3] but was promoted to Ensign[4] after the events in Arabasta.[8] During the timeskip, she was promoted to Captain.[2]

Due to her actions, she can be considered a supporting antagonist during the Loguetown Arc, but she and Smoker temporarily teamed up with the Straw Hats during the end of the Arabasta Saga and the Punk Hazard Arc.


Tashigi has dark brown eyes and wears her black hair between chin- and shoulder-length. She looks remarkably similar to the late Kuina, Zoro's childhood friend. She wears rectangular glasses with red frames.

Before the timeskip, she was seen wearing short-sleeved shirts of varying different colors and designs[1] but usually covered them with her white-trimmed, waist-length blue leather coat.[3] She tended to wear dark blue jeans with black shoes but has also paired white capris with tan shoes.[1]

Her face and hair have changed slightly several times since her introduction, especially noticeably in Chapter 439. However, it is not clear whether this was an intentional redesign or simply a result of the author's continually evolving art style and the length of time she had been out of the spotlight.[4]

After the timeskip, her hair is much longer and now pinned up by a clip. She still wears glasses, and her figure has become more feminine than it was two years ago. She was seen wearing a floral button-down shirt, blue capris, dark pink gloves with a white trim, and dark pink boots. Having achieved the rank of captain, she replaced her blue coat with a pink version of the standard Marine officers' coat. As with Hina, Tashigi's subordinates tend to fawn over her, but it is clear that they also respect her as their superior.[2]


Main Series[]

Tashigi Pre Timeskip Portrait
A close up of Tashigi's face before the timeskip.
Tashigi Portrait
A close up of Tashigi's face after the timeskip.
Tashigi Before Timeskip Manga Color Scheme
Color scheme of Tashigi (before the timeskip) in the manga.
Tashigi After Timeskip Manga Color Scheme
Color scheme of Tashigi (after the timeskip) in the manga.
Tashigi as a Child
Tashigi as a child.
Tashigi Loguetown
Tashigi's outfit during the Loguetown Arc.
Tashigi Loguetown No Coat
Tashigi's outfit during the Loguetown Arc without the coat.
Tashigi's First Arabasta Arc Outfit
Tashigi's outfit during the Little Garden Arc and the beginning of the Arabasta Arc.
Tashigi's Second Arabasta Arc Outfit
Tashigi's second outfit during the Arabasta Arc.
Tashigi Arabasta Third Outfit
Tashigi's third outfit during the Arabasta Arc.
Tashigi Post Enies Lobby Arc Outfit
Tashigi's outfit during the Post-Enies Lobby Arc.[4]
Tashigi Marineford Arc Outfit
Tashigi's outfit during the Marineford Arc.
Tashigi Criminal Shirt
Tashigi's outfit during the timeskip.
Tashigi's Outfit in the Punk Hazard Arc
Tashigi's outfit during the Punk Hazard Arc.
Tashigi in Smoker's Body
Tashigi in Smoker's body during the Punk Hazard Arc.
Smoker in Tashigi's Body
Smoker inside Tashigi's body during the Punk Hazard Arc.
Tashigi Dressrosa Arc Outfit
Tashigi's outfit during the Dressrosa Arc.
Tashigi Egghead Arc Outfit
Tashigi's outfit during the Egghead Arc.

Video Games[]

Tashigi One Piece GBA
Tashigi in One Piece.
Marine Team Going Baseball
Tashigi in the Marine Team in One Piece: Going Baseball.
Tashigi One Py Berry Match
Tashigi in One Py Berry Match.
Tashigi Unlimited World Red
Tashigi Pirate Warriors 3
Tashigi before timeskip in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3.
Tashigi After Timeskip Pirate Warriors 3
Tashigi after timeskip in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3.
Tashigi Shameless Pirate Warriors 3
Tashigi's "Shameless" appearance in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3.
Tashigi Pre-Timeskip Burning Will
Tashigi (Pre-Timeskip) in One Piece: Burning Will.
Tashigi Post-Timeskip Burning Will
Tashigi (Post-Timeskip) in One Piece: Burning Will.
Tashigi Super Grand Battle X
Tashigi Thousand Storm
Tashigi before the timeskip in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Tashigi timeskip Thousand Storm
Tashigi after the timeskip in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Tashigi Valentine Thousand Storm
Tashigi's Valentine outfit in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Tashigi Stampede Thousand Storm
Tashigi's Stampede outfit in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Tashigi New Year Thousand Storm
Tashigi's New Year outfit in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Tashigi in Bounty Rush
Tashigi World Seeker
Tashigi Pre Timeskip Pirate Warriors 4
Tashigi in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 (pre-timeskip).
Tashigi Pirate Warriors 4
Tashigi in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 (post-timeskip).
Tashigi Jumputi
Tashigi in Jumputi Heroes.
Tashigi One Piece Odyssey
Tashigi in One Piece Odyssey.


Concept Art Tashigi
Tashigi's concept from One Piece Color Walk 2.
Tashigi Anime Concept Art
Tashigi's concept art after the timeskip from the anime.
Tashigi Digitally Colored Manga
Tashigi after the timeskip in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Tashigi Stampede Outfit
Tashigi's outfit in One Piece: Stampede.
Log Laboratory Alt
Tashigi's attire from One Piece Log Collection.
Megane Goshi no BLUE SKY
Tashigi after the timeskip on the cover of the disc One Piece Nippon Judan! 47 Cruise CD.
Hajimari to Owari no Machi
Tashigi and Smoker after the timeskip on the cover of the disc One Piece Island Song Collection.
One Piece novel HEROINES episode TASHIGI
Placole Tashigi
Tashigi's wedding dress from Placole Wedding Collaboration Dresses.


Tashigi was first introduced when the Straw Hat Pirates docked in Loguetown, where she was stationed. Smoker, her superior officer, seems to regard her as a protege, and the two work very well together. Despite her proficiency in sword fighting, she is usually clumsy, which gets on Smoker's nerves.[3] She is extremely interested in katanas, often identifying their names and origins on sight; even when in danger, she may be distracted by the presence of a famed blade.[9] During the Loguetown Arc, she was even shown carrying what seemed to be a pocket Meito field guide. In addition to that, she stated her dream of collecting all the Meito that had fallen in the hands of evil men. As she clarified, she does not want to hoard all the swords herself; she just does not want evil men to wield them.[10]

Tashigi is very brave and reckless when fighting her opponents, a trait typical of swordswomen and swordsmen. She will battle anyone she considers an enemy, regardless of their reputation. This fighting spirit often turns into carelessness and has led to her defeat on several occasions, much to Smoker's disdain. Two examples would be her fight against Nico Robin, during which her knee was broken, and her fight against Law, during which she was cut in half. She is also stubborn and may refuse to accept defeat if she feels she has been looked down upon, as seen when she demanded a rematch with Zoro, indignant that he did not cut her down.[11][12] She even refused to give up after Law separated her torso from her legs and chopped Shigure in half.[13] Her endless determination could be interpreted as a "sore loser" attitude, but it seems to derive from her desire to protect what is important to her.

Like Smoker, Tashigi's definition of "justice" differs from that of the Marines as a whole, and she does not hesitate to fight in its defense. Her stated goal is to remove all Meito from the hands of those who would use them for their own selfish ambitions. Despite her distaste for pirates, Tashigi is willing to work with them and abandon her Marine pride if she deems it necessary for the greater good.[14]

Tashigi felt that, as a swordswoman, she would be perceived as inferior to swordsmen by default, and she accused Zoro of refusing to cut her because of her gender.[15] She also felt insulted when Law cut her without killing her.[13] As a swordswoman, she would rather face death than be shamefully defeated. However, this does not stop her from trying hard to get stronger and achieve her dreams.

Tashigi Embarrassed

Tashigi showing embarrassment.

Tashigi wears her shirts buttoned up higher and shows less cleavage than many other female characters, indicating that she is somewhat reserved about her body. This was especially apparent when she was trapped in Smoker's body, as she wore his jacket fully closed and protested heavily when Smoker (trapped in her body) took off her bra and wore her shirt completely unbuttoned.[16] Her shyness was also shown when she screamed in embarrassment after returning to her body and finding it in that state of undress.[17]

One of Tashigi's most prominent character traits is her absentmindedness. When Smoker was chasing after Luffy during the Arabasta Arc, she failed to recognize the situation until Smoker told her what to do.[18] In the anime, she had a brief but polite interaction with Chopper without realizing that he was a talking reindeer.[12] The most significant example of her oblivious nature was when, in the Loguetown Arc, Tashigi spent a very long time failing to realize that the three-swords-carrying, haramaki-wearing swordsman she had befriended was, in fact, the three-swords-carrying, haramaki-wearing Pirate Hunter, Roronoa Zoro.[19]




Tashigi Cries For Smoker's Encouragement

Tashigi cries after receiving stimulus phrases from Smoker.

Tashigi's relationship with her superior, Smoker, is strictly professional. Smoker often scolds her for such mishaps as mistaking a fellow Marine for Smoker because she was not wearing her glasses.[4] Her absent-mindedness greatly gets on his nerves, and in the 97th chapter of the series, Smoker himself claimed that she was the shame of the Marine HQ. Despite this, he respects her and trusts her judgement, as seen when he tells her to follow her own sense of justice in Alubarna. Tashigi always apologizes to Smoker when she makes a mistake, and she tries to follow his orders as closely as possible, indicating an earnest admiration for her mentor.

Recently, she has shown some defiance toward her superior. When he scolded her for begging Law to spare their lives, she retorted that it was the only way they could save their subordinates and the abducted children from Vergo. Smoker saw her logic and realized that he was the one who had been mistaken. She later glared at him for having worn her shirt unbuttoned when he was in her body.[14]


Tashigi Annoyed by Her Subordinates

Tashigi annoyed by her subordinates.

Tashigi's new subordinates idolize and often make passes at her, much to her frustration. They find her distractingly lovely even during battle and often get scolded for it. Although they disrespectfully refer to her as "Captain-chan" and "Tashigi-chan," her subordinates are very protective of her and will defend her with their lives. Although she is certainly annoyed by their constant harassment, she shows genuine concern for them, even telling Smoker that they have no choice but to cooperate with felons in order to rescue them from danger.[14] Another example of her value for her subordinates is that she spared them from the cruel truth that Vergo, the commanding officer they admire, was actually a traitor.[20]

Punk Hazard Children[]

Tashigi cares for the children who had been experimented on by Caesar Clown. After Caesar's defeat, Tashigi looks after the children, taking them to Dr. Vegapunk for treatment[21] and making sure they take their medicine to revert them back to their original size.[22]


Straw Hat Pirates[]

As a Marine, Tashigi is a natural enemy of the Straw Hats. As Smoker's subordinate, she is often clashing with them, particularly with Roronoa Zoro. During the Arabasta Arc, Tashigi could not understand why Princess Vivi was allied with the Straw Hats and originally assumed they were holding the princess hostage. However, during the Battle of Alubarna where a civil war was breaking out, Tashigi ends up helping the Straw Hats in their mission to stop Crocodile. Despite Tashigi being torn over this, her clash with Crocodile and Nico Robin made her realize how powerless she was and decided she had to assists the Straw Hats. After Crocodile's defeat, she showed leniency towards the Straw Hats by not arresting them despite how her subordinates said it was the perfect opportunity. When she reunites with Smoker and made her report of the events, she affirms her resolve to one day be strong and catch the Straw Hats under the justice she believes in. During the Whitebeard War, she attempted to fight Luffy before Smoker intervened.

After two years, she clashes with the Straw Hat crew on Punk Hazard as their enemy at first. While she continued to have an antagonistic disposition towards them, she was willing to ally with the Straw Hats once again because of their shared goal in saving the children that were being kept prisoner by Caesar Clown. Her views on the pirates seem to gradually change because of their various actions, such as being rescued by Sanji, her clash with Monet along with Zoro, and their constant assistance in saving the children. Because of these interactions, Tashigi seems to respect the Straw Hats for not only their actions but also their strength. After Caesar's capture, she was willing to bow and apologize to Nami for the Marines allowing Caesar's action to go unpunished until his defeat, and she even came to the Straw Hats' defense when the members of G-5 began insulting the pirates before they parted ways.

Roronoa Zoro[]

Tashigi Facing Zoro

Tashigi facing Zoro in Loguetown.

Tashigi seems to hold a grudge against Roronoa Zoro, believing that he was using his swords as means of making money (bounty hunting). After learning his true identity and his new career as a pirate, she challenged him to a duel. Zoro defeated her, but she refused to accept her defeat unless he actually cut her. One of Tashigi's goals is to defeat Zoro in order to gain his Wado Ichimonji, as she believes that such a renowned blade should not be in the hands of a criminal; much later, she noticed that Zoro was also wielding Shusui, furthering her interest.

Upon seeing his improved skills after the two years, she seemed to have a respectful understanding of his immense power. It also appears that she has seen how wrong she was about him attacking women after seeing him harming Monet in her defense.[23]


Although Tashigi and Sanji are on different sides of the justice system, he nevertheless is smitten by her the moment they met in Loguetown. During their second meeting on Punk Hazard, his womanizing ways led him to be overexcited.[24] When Tashigi was nearly killed by Vergo, Sanji immediately and unhesitatingly goes out of his way to save her, simply because he felt "a woman crying in the distant". He dismissed the fact that they are meant to be enemies when Tashigi brought it up.[20]

Seven Warlords of the Sea[]

Tashigi originally thinks of the Seven Warlords of the Sea as allies. Her superior Smoker reminded her that he does not trust the Seven Warlords of the Sea and believes that pirates are pirates. Tashigi now believes that the Seven Warlords of the Sea are nothing more than pirates and that they cannot be trusted.

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Marine captain, she has command over lower-ranking Marines.

Physical Abilities[]

Tashigi mostly relies on her great speed and agility in battle. She has been aiming to get stronger since the end of the Arabasta arc. After the timeskip, Tashigi has shown considerable strength, able to apply enough force on Shigure to deflect a cannonball. Her speed and agility has also greatly improved, able to jump to very tall heights as well as using the Rokushiki Soru technique to move instantaneously. Tashigi has shown exceptional pain tolerance, able to withstand Monet violently frostbiting her shoulder.


Tashigi Deflects Cannon Ball Post Timeskip

Tashigi deflecting a cannonball using her swordsmanship.

Tashigi is a highly skilled Gentle Blade type swordswoman, capable of defeating two pirates in Loguetown with little effort and quickly take down multiple opponents within seconds. Tashigi has encyclopedic knowledge about swords, as shown in the sword shop at Loguetown. She has carried her sword on both her left and right side, suggesting that she is capable of comfortably drawing it with either hand.

Tashigi's personal katana is the Meito Shigure.

After the timeskip, her skills have improved, as she was able to precisely deflect an enemy cannonball with her katana in the same way Dracule Mihawk has deflected bullets.



Main article: Rokushiki

After the timeskip, Tashigi was seen using Soru to avoid snowballs in her fight against Monet.[23]


Main article: Haki

During her battle with Trafalgar Law, Smoker revealed that Tashigi uses Haki but stated that her aptitude with it is not yet enough to counter Law's ability.[25]

Busoshoku Haki[]

Tashigi possesses the ability to use Busoshoku Haki. She was able to cut Monet, a Logia user, causing her to bleed.[26]

Kenbunshoku Haki[]

Tashigi possesses the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki.[5]



Tashigi was born in the East Blue.[5] She has been deeply fascinated by swords since childhood.[27]

East Blue Saga[]

Loguetown Arc[]

After Smoker routed Billy the Orca Killer and his Yes Pirates, two fugitive members of the crew tried to attack Tashigi in revenge. With Shigure, she easily felled them both in one stroke, but immediately tripped afterwards and dropped her glasses. Among the scene's many spectators was the just-arrived Roronoa Zoro, who admired her skills and retrieved the glasses for her, only to be taken aback by how eerily she resembled his long-dead friend Kuina.[1]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

To Tashigi's dismay and anger, Zoro accidentally crushed the glasses in shock. Assuming he was an indigent, Tashigi recruited him as a replacement janitor at the Loguetown Marine Base to cover the debt. Soon after she left for a sparring session, Zoro was recognized by other Marines and fled, leaving behind a packet of Belly notes for her. On returning, Tashigi assumed he had quit out of spite and rejected the money, instead buying new glasses with her own.[28]

Concludes non-canon section.

Tashigi Witnesses Zoro's Luck

Tashigi, after witnessing Zoro's "Luck versus Curse".

Later in the day, Tashigi sent Shigure to Ipponmatsu's arms shop for cleaning. While retrieving it, she ran into Zoro again, and became interested in his sword on seeing Ipponmatsu furiously trying to haggle for it. Excitedly (and to Ipponmatsu's horror), she identified it as the Great-Grade Wado Ichimonji. Then, still unaware of Zoro's identity, she tried to befriend him, sharing her dream of recovering all the world's meito from "undeserving" criminal hands.

During their interaction, Tashigi found and identified the Sandai Kitetsu among the shop's cheapest blades. While she was confused by this, Zoro inferred—and Ipponmatsu confirmed—that the sword was cursed, with a notorious history of ruin and death for prior owners. Intrigued, Zoro challenged the curse with his own luck and successfully tossed the Kitetsu without injury, overawing both Tashigi and Ipponmatsu.[29]

Soon after, Tashigi regrouped with Smoker, and was alerted to a disturbance at Gold Roger's execution scaffold: a grand melee between the Buggy Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates, with Buggy moments away from beheading Monkey D. Luffy.[30] Though unconcerned about Luffy's fate, the two Marines were shocked to find Zoro involved, and that he had become a pirate himself; their shock was compounded when a freak lightning strike destroyed the scaffold, allowing Luffy a last-second escape.[31]

While Smoker descended on the Buggy Pirates, a furious Tashigi cut off the Straw Hats' escape route, accused Zoro of deliberately misleading her, and attacked him with intent to confiscate the Wado Ichimonji. Though deeply driven—to the point of dismissing Luffy and Sanji as they continued the escape—Tashigi was promptly defeated and disarmed. Initially terrified, she grew outraged on realizing that Zoro would not physically cut her, thinking he was condescending to her for being a woman. Zoro was provoked by this further resemblance to Kuina, and they descended into a childish argument until a sudden gale separated them.[32]

Ultimately, all of the Straw Hats escaped Loguetown, and Tashigi, still deeply humiliated, was the first to join Smoker's quest to pursue them out to the Grand Line.[32]

Arabasta Saga[]

Little Garden Arc[]

Smoker and Tashigi Listen to the Conversation Between Mr

Smoker and Tashigi listen to the intercepted conversation between Mr. 0 and Sanji.

On the Grand Line, Smoker's unit encountered and arrested the outlaw Renaisse swordsman Mr. 11, from whom Tashigi confiscated the meito Kashu. Through Mr. 11 and an intercepted call, they learned of a possible connection between the Straw Hats, Arabasta's crown princess Nefertari Vivi, and a mysterious organization named Baroque Works. Seizing on the lead, they quickly set course for Arabasta.[33]

Arabasta Arc[]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

During their first hours in Arabasta, Tashigi and Smoker struck at every criminal in sight, from small-time pirates to dishonest sword merchants. While interrogating one such merchant, Tashigi was unknowingly spotted by Zoro, who quickly hid himself.[34]

Concludes non-canon section.

By pure chance, Tashigi and Smoker encountered Luffy almost immediately after entering Arabasta, in the port town of Nanohana. At Smoker's alert, Tashigi tried to cut Luffy down, but was easily dodged; while Smoker kept up the pursuit, she reassembled the rest of their unit against the other Straw Hats. Despite their efforts, the Straw Hats once again escaped, thanks to assistance from Portgas D. Ace.

To her embarrassment, Tashigi missed most of the conflict, having run to the wrong end of Nanohana. After she returned, Smoker shared two major concerns: that Nefertari Vivi willingly stood with the Straw Hats, and that the Warlord Crocodile apparently had free rein over large parts of Arabasta. With this, Tashigi was warned that tigers never change their stripes—once a pirate, always a pirate.[35]

Needing further leads, the unit proceeded to Rainbase, Crocodile's main base of operations. Here, in a second stroke of luck, Tashigi and Smoker found Luffy and Usopp buying water at a tavern; as the pirates once again fled, Tashigi was made to pay for their "purchases" before joining the chase. During her pursuit, she at last re-encountered Zoro, and demanded a rematch, but he maintained his refusal to fight her and kept fleeing.[36]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Unaware that most of the Straw Hats—along with Smoker—had been trapped inside Rain Dinners by Crocodile, Tashigi continued across Rainbase, at one point stumbling over Tony Tony Chopper and dropping her glasses. After some confusion, Chopper returned the glasses to her. As he was not-yet known to the Marines, Tashigi assumed he was a civilian, thanked him and moved on.[37]

Concludes non-canon section.

Later that day, Tashigi was surprised to find Smoker (having narrowly escaped Crocodile's deathtrap at Rain Dinners with the Straw Hats' help) leaving for an independent mission. In the meantime, she was given full command over the rest of their unit, and told to follow her "own sense of justice" into Alubarna—soon to be the flashpoint of Arabasta's civil war. Thoroughly confused, Tashigi interpreted this as an order to keep pursuing the Straw Hats, and marshaled the other Marines accordingly.[38]

Robin Grabs Tashigi

Tashigi is defeated by Nico Robin.

As the war engulfed Alubarna, Tashigi and her men slowly learned the truth of Baroque Works' machinations from various Royal Guards. Eventually, they encountered Baroque Works' second-in-command Miss All-Sunday—the internationally-infamous Nico Robin—holding King Nefertari Cobra captive. When alerted that Crocodile had planted a bomb in Alubarna, Tashigi sent half her unit to search for it, but insisted on saving Cobra as well. However, the Marines proved little match for Robin's Hana Hana abilities, and Tashigi found her knee broken when she tried to fight on.

Soon after, the beaten Tashigi was found by Crocodile, who loudly mocked the Marines' sense of justice before following Robin to the Tomb of the Kings. As Tashigi began to despair, however, an unlikely source of hope arrived: Luffy, just-recovered from his second brawl with Crocodile. Realizing his intent, Tashigi pointed the young pirate in Crocodile's direction.[39] She then regained the strength to lead her remaining troops around Alubarna, suppressing Baroque Works henchmen while helping the other Straw Hats find Crocodile's bomb.

Crocodile Defeated

Tashigi arrests Crocodile for his crimes.

Alongside thousands in Alubarna, Tashigi then witnessed the twin climaxes of the war: Crocodile's bomb exploding in the sky, and Crocodile himself falling to earth, defeated by Luffy at last. These events, followed closely by the city's first rain in years, calmed the belligerent armies, and Tashigi used the calm to publicly arrest the unconscious Warlord, stripping his title on authority of Marine Headquarters.[40] Subsequently, the Straw Hats were found on a street corner, all passed out from their own battles against Baroque Works; torn between her duties as a Marine and recognition of the pirates' merit, Tashigi ultimately ordered her men to stand down, sparing them arrest.

Several days later, Tashigi rejoined Smoker (and Hina) at the town of Tamarisk, where she tearfully reported her failure to apprehend the Straw Hats and blamed herself for being too weak. In response, Smoker urged her to grow stronger, so she could uphold her own sense of justice. Subsequently, the World Government—over Smoker's protests—publicly credited her and Smoker with defeating Crocodile and saving Arabasta, bestowing them honors and promotions.[8]

As they left Arabasta, Tashigi and Smoker received copies of Luffy's and Zoro's new bounties, and resolved to keep pursuing the Straw Hats.[41]

Water 7 Saga[]

Post-Enies Lobby Arc[]

Tashigi Shows Straw Hats' New Posters to Smoker

Tashigi shows Straw Hats' new wanted posters to Smoker.

Tashigi appeared again after receiving word of the Straw Hats' ordeal at Enies Lobby. She tried to relay the news to Smoker but directed her words at the wrong Marine because she was not wearing her glasses.

Smoker told Tashigi that what they really needed was status; he also noted that pirates worldwide had started to recognize the Straw Hats. He decided to stake his pride on crushing them in the New World.[42]

Summit War Saga[]

Amazon Lily Arc[]

Smoker and Tashigi Arriving at Marineford

Tashigi with her superior, Smoker, arriving at Marineford.

When the execution of Portgas D. Ace was announced, Tashigi reported to Marineford when summoned as reinforcement.[43]

Marineford Arc[]

Three hours before Ace's execution, she was seen listening to Sengoku's speech about Ace's past.[44]

She was shocked by Luffy's arrival at Marineford and immediately decided to alert Smoker to this new factor in the war against the Whitebeard Pirates.[45] As Luffy was charging toward the execution platform, Tashigi attempted to fight him, but Smoker got to him first.

As Sengoku started putting the final phase of his plan into motion, Tashigi and Smoker retreated to the plaza.

Tashigi witnessed a Marine seeking help for his wounded comrade only to be told to leave the fallen and to continue on with the fight. Tashigi thought to herself that even after the Marines completed their goal, they would not stop.

After Shanks arrived, she stood down with the other Marines.

During the Timeskip[]

When Tashigi and Smoker were first transferred to the G-5 base, Vergo was seen telling them that the soldiers were rowdy and not too bright, but that overall, they were good people. A soldier told her about how Vergo would sometimes leave suddenly to go home and care for his sick sister. She remembered talking to the vice admiral about a kidnapping case that he insisted was a false claim; he said that the parents were in denial and holding onto the false hope that their children were kidnapped rather than dead.[46]

Fish-Man Island Saga[]

Fish-Man Island Arc[]

After the timeskip, Tashigi and Smoker (having been promoted to captain and vice admiral respectively) are now in charge of G-5. Near the Red Line, they were seen fighting multiple pirate ships that emerged from the sea. Tashigi used her sword to expertly redirect an incoming cannonball, which subsequently blew up a ways away from the ship.

Two subordinates cheered for her. She tried to berate them for messing around but ended up berating the ship's mast because her glasses were on her forehead and not in front of her eyes. She loudly scolded the men for disrespecting her just because she is a woman. Smoker told her to shut up and stop interrupting his interrogation but then berated the subordinates for staring at her instead of taking the situation more seriously.[47]

Dressrosa Saga[]

Punk Hazard Arc[]

After learning that the Straw Hats were heading to Punk Hazard by intercepting a distress call with a black Den Den Mushi, Tashigi and Smoker decided to go there as well.[48]

Tashigi Cut by Law

Tashigi cut in half by Trafalgar Law.

After arriving on the winter side of the island, they approached the PH-006 building. They were greeted by the Warlord of the Sea Trafalgar Law. As Smoker and Law discussed the possible presence of the Straw Hat Pirates on the island, several Straw Hats accompanied by giant children burst out of the building and encountered Law and the G-5 Marines, surprising absolutely everyone involved. The Straw Hats and the children went back the way they came. Tashigi was about to give chase, but Law stood in their way, saying that he would not allow them to leave the island. Law turned their battleship into performance art and abducted all of their Den Den Mushi.[49]

Tashigi attempted to attack Law despite Smoker's warning that her Haki was not strong enough to defeat him. When her attack backfired, Law chopped the captain and her Shigure in half. Tashigi expressed her shame at being cut but not dying, but Law told her that the weak cannot even choose how they die, causing her to bite her lip in shame. Using one arm to support her severed upper body, Tashigi's torso tried to attack Law yet again, but her amputated katana could not reach him. Law was about to attack her again when Smoker stepped in and deflected the attack with his jitte. While Smoker battled Law, the other G-5 Marines grabbed both halves of Tashigi and fled Law's "Room." While the Marines were wondering why a Warlord of the Sea would attack fellow allies of the World government, Tashigi herself recalled what Smoker once said to her: that pirates will always be pirates. Her subordinates then stuck the captain's two halves back together.[13]

When she returned to the scene of the battle, Tashigi was horrified to see Smoker lying unconscious and defeated on the ground. She noticed a hole in his chest and realized that his heart was stolen by Law, just like he had stolen the hearts of a hundred pirates in exchange for Warlord of the Sea status. Enraged, she tried to attack Law again, but he responded by using Shambles to put her mind in Smoker's body and vice versa, after which she and Smoker were brought to safety in a nearby cave. When they regained consciousness, Tashigi told Smoker about a series of reports about children dying in accidents and presented her theory that these were actually kidnappings being covered up by a fellow Marine.[50]

Later on, Tashigi, Smoker, and the other G-5 Marines fought some centaurs and satyrs. Tashigi compared their appearances to some wanted posters and recognized many of them as infamous pirates who had been captured. She asked Smoker how that was possible when the survivor count of the Punk Hazard incident was zero. Smoker did not understand either but told her that they needed to report all this.[51]

Still in Smoker's body, Tashigi was seen fighting alongside Smoker and the G-5 Marines in an attempt to break through the front of the research facility. She used Smoker's Devil Fruit powers but was too inexperienced to make them work properly. She later observed Luffy, Robin, and Franky flying through the air towards the facility. Tashigi rashly confronted Luffy and managed to use the Devil Fruit powers to attack him, but he easily dodged. Tashigi was excited that she was able to control the powers in the first place, but as a result, Luffy caught her off guard and pinned her to the ground.[52]

Later in the battle, pieces of slime started falling from the sky onto the battlefield. Tashigi watched in horror as the slime exploded after some of her subordinates tried to burn it. As the slime continued throwing itself over the lake, Tashigi suggested to Smoker that they should find some place with a roof. Tashigi, Smoker, and the other Marines were shocked when Luffy suddenly grabbed Caesar Clown. When Luffy suddenly collapsed at the end of the fight, Tashigi was surprised at the outcome. Tashigi, Smoker, Franky, and Robin later fell victim to the same treatment: Caesar was suffocating them with his Devil Fruit abilities.[53]

She was then locked up in a cell with Smoker, Luffy, Franky, Robin, and Law. Having learned the truth about Vergo, she asked Smoker what to do about the pain of having her trust broken. Smoker just told her that her suspicions were spot on. She listened in as Law revealed that Joker is Doflamingo.[54]

While Caesar was broadcasting his experiment with the chemical weapon to underworld brokers, Tashigi was seen sitting with Robin, Franky, Law, Smoker and Luffy. After witnessing the devastating effects of the poison cloud that Smiley released, Caesar proceeded to move the cage outside of the facility so that the captives would fall victim as well.[55]

Punk Hazard Counter Attack Begins

The counter attack begins.

Tashigi watched as Law initiated their escape plan, directing Franky to launch his Franky Fireball at the remains of the battleship down below. The resulting smoke obscured Caesar's view of the cage, allowing them to discreetly take action. Law revealed that he had replaced some of the Seastone handcuffs with regular ones so that he could escape easily if necessary. After freeing Luffy and the others, Law returned Smoker and Tashigi to their original bodies and offered to spare their lives in return for their cooperation. Tashigi begged Law to take off her chains. Smoker berated Tashigi for giving in to a pirate, but she countered him by saying that they had to live in order to protect their soldiers, bring Vergo to justice, and rescue the children. Law chimed in to remark that she seemed to be smarter than Smoker, since she understood the situation better than him. Smoker begrudgingly admitted that he was wrong and decided to hear Law out. Shortly after Law undid their chains, Tashigi fixed her hair and shot a puffy glare at Smoker, annoyed that he had worn her shirt unbuttoned and smoked so much in her body.

Law then teleported them into the facility using his power. They opened the shutters, allowing the Marines outside to escape from the incoming poisonous gas.[14]

Once everyone was back together, Law told Smoker and Tashigi not to get in his and Luffy's way. He then revealed a safe exit route but warned everyone that he could not guarantee their safety after two hours. Everybody splits up, and Tashigi wanted to go with Smoker to confront Vergo, but Smoker ordered her to look after the G-5 Marines and help everyone escape. Tashigi agreed to follow his order.[56]

The G-5 Marines attempted to capture the Straw Hats but were abruptly repelled by Zoro, Kin'emon, and Brook as they cut through the shutter and barged in. Tashigi was not happy to see Zoro again, but she told her subordinates that they should forget about capturing the Straw Hats for now, as their priority should be reaching the passageway to Building B before Caesar could close it off. After Caesar's minions used a cannon to blow a hole on Building A, the gas started flowing inside. The Straw Hats, Brownbeard, and most of the G-5 Marines managed to pass through the gate to Building B before it closed. Tashigi was thrown to the other side of the gate by some of her fellow Marines. After one of her men told them that they saved her, Tashigi looked through a narrow gap between the doors and was horrified to see that the Marine soldiers left in Building A had been petrified, preserving their thumbs-ups and victory signs.[57]

Vergo vs Tashigi

Tashigi knocked down by Vergo.

After mourning the loss of her G-5 comrades, she took the lead toward the escape route. Her subordinates were delighted to see Vergo appear in Building B, unaware of his treachery. Tashigi warned them that he was not what he seemed to be. Vergo attacked and defeated a large number of G-5 Marines before aiming for Tashigi. Sanji suddenly rushed in and saved her before telling her and the other G-5 to retreat to Building C; at the same time, the Building A gate opened, allowing gas to flow into the passageway. While Sanji held Vergo back, Tashigi and her subordinates quickly escaped to Building C as the gate between B and C started to close. Sanji managed to escape before the gate completely shut. He reveals to the Marines that Vergo had suddenly run away from the battle. Even though Tashigi already knew the truth about Vergo, she let her subordinates continue believing that the Vergo they had just encountered was an impostor.[20]

Hot on the trail of the other group trying to escape, the remaining Marines and Sanji headed toward the Biscuit Room after an explosion allowed the gas to start flowing into Building C.[58]

When Tashigi and her group arrived at the Biscuit Room, they managed to swiftly seal off the door to the room, preventing the gas from entering and gaining some time. Once Monet learned that the Marines were also trying to save the children, she got mad and viciously attacked them, biting off a Marine's shoulder in the process. Tashigi attacked Monet with a Haki-imbued slice to prevent her from harming anyone else. Tashigi ordered the Marines to catch up with the children and declared that she would stay behind to fight Monet even though Zoro happened to be there fighting Monet already.[26]

Tashigi and Zoro began to argue over his dismissive treatment of Monet and apparent reluctance to cut her, which Tashigi felt was rooted in sexism. After Zoro got so annoyed by her accusations that he decided to sit down and let her take care of the harpy, Tashigi began to battle Monet. She initially avoided all of Monet's attacks by using Soru and her blocking skills, but Monet used a blinding technique called "Blizzard" to catch the captain. She bit down hard into Tashigi's shoulder and attempted to rip it off. After remembering what Monet did to her subordinate, Tashigi cleverly held Monet's head down as a means to stop her from pulling her shoulder off. Monet continued to bite down harder and harder until Zoro stepped in and gave her a cut on the cheek.[23]

Tashigi Defeats Monet

Tashigi dealing the finishing blow to Monet.

Tashigi watched as Zoro cut Monet in half, shocked at his sudden outburst. She soon realized that he had not used Haki when cutting Monet and noted the immense fear he had caused the harpy. She pondered the fact that he won the battle with fear alone and wondered just how strong he and the other Straw Hats had become over the last two years. Her thoughts were interrupted when Monet finally got up and attempted to stab Zoro in the back. Tashigi swiftly finished Monet off with a slash to the back. Shortly afterwards, she berated Zoro for not dealing the finishing blow to Monet when he had the chance but once again got irritated with him when he told her that he would have cut Monet if Tashigi had not. Zoro proceeded to give her a patronizing congratulations and promised to let her have the credit, which really ticked her off. When she asked Zoro why he insisted on looking down on her, he responded by saying that she was indeed below him, much to her annoyance.[23]

After the battle, Zoro carried the injured Tashigi over his shoulder despite her embarrassment and complaints. While being carried, she noticed that he was carrying Shusui and got excited about it, but Zoro did not care. They soon reunited with their respective groups, at which point she demanded that he put her down before her subordinates saw her.[59]

Once everyone reached Building R safety, they boarded a rail cart and made their escape.[60] With Nami's assistance, they arrived outside, and Tashigi, Nami, and Robin seemed unimpressed by General Franky.

Tashigi Bowing to Nami

Tashigi asks Nami to let her take care of the children.

Sometime after the defeat of Baby 5 and Buffalo and the capture of Caesar Clown, Tashigi tearfully asked Nami to let her take care of the children. Wishing the best for them, Nami accepted her offer, and a relieved Tashigi went inside the tanker where the children were staying after Law treated them. She declared that the Marines would take care of them from that point on, much to the children's disappointment; they wanted to stay with the Straw Hats a little more. Tashigi was later seen participating in the banquet along with the pirates, the other Marines, and Caesar Clown's former henchmen, smiling as the children played with her.[61]

When preparing to depart with the children, Tashigi was visibly shocked when her subordinates began insulting the pirates in front of the children while singing praises of the Marines. She scolded them for their shameful behavior. However, she laughed when the soldiers revealed that they had to rely on exaggerated insults if they did not want to end up liking these pirates.[62]

Dressrosa Arc[]

Smoker Reads About the Events in Dressrosa

Smoker reads about the events in Dressrosa in the newspaper.

After Doflamingo's defeat at Dressrosa, Tashigi and Smoker received the news of Luffy and Law's exploits and were pleased that Issho did not allow the incident at Dressrosa to be covered up like the one at Arabasta. Tashigi also informed the children from Punk Hazard that they would see Vegapunk in a few days.[63]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Wano Country Saga[]

One Piece: Stampede[]

Smoker and Tashigi Undercover at the Pirates Festival

Smoker and Tashigi undercover at the Pirates Festival.

Tashigi and Smoker went to Delta Island to attend the Pirates Festival undercover. During a Buster Call on the island, despite Smoker going to Tashigi, Hina, Koby, and Helmeppo and telling them to evacuate the island, she offers to fight Bullet, but is held by Hina and forced to leave the island.[64]

Concludes non-canon section.

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

At the G-14 base, Tashigi convinced the Punk Hazard children to take another dose of their medicine, which had helped them shrink back toward their normal sizes. Vice Admiral Doll then asked Tashigi if she could calm down Helmeppo because he and Hibari were begging her to deploy Seraphim in order to rescue Koby from Blackbeard. Tashigi told Doll that she could not blame him because his best friend's safety was in danger and that Koby was a valued officer.[22] Tashigi and SWORD then joined Vice Admiral Garp to go to Hachinosu and rescue Koby.[65] After Hibari was frozen by Kuzan, Tashigi recovered her and went to thaw her out, while Koby's rescue was successful. Avalo Pizarro attempted to destroy the ship with his devil fruit powers carrying Tashigi and the other marines.[66] With the efforts of Koby and Garp, they managed to defeat Pizarro before he could reach the ship much to Tashigi's shock at Koby's strength. After Koby safely boarded the ship, Tashigi called Garp to regroup but he told her and the rest of the Marines onboard to sail off without him now that Koby was rescued while he stayed behind as he was surrounded by the Blackbeard pirates and was frozen again by Kuzan.[67]

Major Battles[]

Translation and Dub Issues[]

Like Kuina, her name comes from a flightless bird. The fact she is named after a flightless bird is a reflection of herself. In regards to the bird itself, Oda stated though a bird cannot fly, it does not mean it never will.[68]

The VIZ manga and 4Kids dub give her the rank of Sergeant, while the Funimation dub gives her the rank of Sergeant-Major.

The Odex dub of the series gives her a thick British accent.


Tashigi has been portrayed in many forms of merchandise. She was also featured in the series of models Portrait of Pirates.

Video Games[]

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Other Media[]

Tashigi Pirate Sweeping Operation

Tashigi in Pirate Sweeping Operation.


  • In the 6th Japanese fan poll, Tashigi was ranked as the 33rd most popular character, sharing the spot with Smoker.
  • In Japan, the act of taking another's sword is seen as a strong statement that implies the wielder was not worthy of the blade, and Tashigi is doing this by taking the blades from criminals.
  • Tashigi and Kuina both share a voice actress in all three English dubs.
  • Tashigi's resemblance to Kuina has caused much fan speculation over two either being the same character, or secretly connected in some way. However, Oda has stated that their resemblance is merely "coincidence".[69]
  • So far, Yamaoroshi and Kashu are the only swords known to have been taken from their previous owners by Tashigi.
  • Tashigi was the second female Marine shown in the series, with the retired and deceased Bell-mère being the first.
  • Along with Smoker, Tashigi has appeared in more sagas than any other characters outside the Straw Hat Pirates, currently appearing in all except the Sky Island, Whole Cake Island, and Wano Country Saga.
  • In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, Tashigi's taunt action allows her to remove or put on her glasses. When her glasses are off, the screen becomes blurry with a heavy depth of field effect.
  • It is unknown whether if this is a mistake or not, as Tashigi was supposed to be a Warrant Officer after the Arabasta Arc instead of being Ensign in the Marine Ranks itself. In the anime, it is said that Tashigi was promoted by one rank, the same as Smoker. However, Tashigi presumably received a two-rank promotion after that incident, from Master Chief Petty Officer to Ensign.
  • Tashigi's favorite food is hot coffee.[5]

SBS-Based Trivia[]

  • Tashigi's birthday, October 6, comes from word "Clumsy" (トロイ, Toroi?), a reference to her clumsy character, since 10-6 can be derived from to-ro.[7]
  • Tashigi's name was taken from the Snipe bird.[68]
  • A fan once inquired about Tashigi's glasses, as she seems nearsighted but lifts her glasses to look closely at a sword[70] and was seen running without glasses. The reader asked if the glasses were for show. Oda stated that she does need them.[71]
  • Tashigi's hobbies are reading sword/katana books and looking at Kiri-e (paper cutout pictures).[72]


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