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Tea IV[3] is the king of Eigis Kingdom (エイギス王国 Eigisu Ōkoku?) on the Grand Line and one of fifty monarchs who took part in the Levely.[2][3]


Tea IV is a man with light blue eyes, long blond hair, a long dark brown handlebar mustache and on his thick chin is a thin goatee that resembles clock hands.

He wears rectangular glasses with a black frame and a dark blue bowler hat with a design resembling the Union Jack.


Not much is known about Tea IV's personality. He seems to be well-mannered as he greeted the chairman of the Levely.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Tea IV is the king of a nation affiliated with the World Government and one of the few allowed to attend the Levely, which grants him some authority over matters concerning the world.[2]


Zou Arc

Sometime before the Levely, Tea IV was one of the monarchs who were seen gathering at Mary Geoise.[1]

Levely Arc

Tea IV later attended the beginning meeting of the Levely where he greeted the current chairman, Ham Burger.[2]


  • His name may be a reference to how tea is prominent in British culture and society. The design on his hat resembles the Union Jack, and his goatee resembling clock hands may be referring to the famous clock of the Big Ben.
    • The name of his kingdom is likely a portmanteau of the words Eigo (英語えいご?), meaning English language, and Igirisu (イギリス?), a name for the United Kingdom in Japan.


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