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The Tearoom Pirates are a family of pirates who appear in the sixth movie.[1]

Jolly Roger

The Tearoom's jolly roger is a small, thin skull with large eyes and no distinctly visible teeth. The skull slightly resembles the head shape of the captain, Papa. It also somewhat resembles a mushroom.[1]

Crew Members

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Tearoom Pirates
Ochanoma Papa Rosa Rick Daisy

Crew Strength

The crew lacks a lot in strength, since three quarters of the members are children. The children's father also seems to be quite weak.[1] Despite this, Papa, the captain and children's father, has enough strength and accuracy to kill Lily Carnation with one attack. His daughter, Daisy, also has abnormally good hearing.[2]



The family originally came to the island to have a vacation and a picnic but got caught up in Baron Omatsuri's "Trials of Hell". They would fail the goldfish catching challenge and flee.[1]

Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island

They first run into Chopper. Papa reveals to Chopper that he is something of a coward. However, he wants his children, especially his youngest daughter, Daisy, to believe him to be strong. After Chopper surrenders in a fake fight against Papa, they then show Chopper an original wanted poster featuring the Baron and his crew, the Red Arrows Pirates. Chopper finds something off about the poster. However, the Baron finds captures them to be food for Lily. Chopper saves Daisy when she begins to get taken by the flower and tells the family to flee.[3] They try in vain to save him when he his captured, although Papa intervenes to pull them away, allowing Chopper to be consumed by the plant.

Brief rescues the family along with Luffy after his first fight with Baron. This is when Daisy reveals that she has special hearing. This is how she knew the Straw Hat Pirates were still alive. She later admits to her father that she heard him talk Chopper into losing a fight to him. However, she still believes that her father is strong. In the end, Papa gains the courage to face Baron Omatsuri and manages to kill Lily by shooting it with an arrow.[2]

One Piece: Stampede

They are present on Delta Island as as spectators at the Pirates Festival.[4]


  • Papa's wife is the only one of the Tearoom Pirates not seen. However, Papa appears to be wearing a necklace with her wedding ring on it, suggesting she might be deceased.


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