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Baroque Works 
Mr. 0 Miss All-Sunday 
Officer Agents
Mr. 1 Miss Doublefinger Mr. 2 Bon Kurei Mr. 3 Miss Goldenweek
Mr. 4 Miss Merry Christmas Mr. 5 Miss Valentine
Frontier Agents
Mr. 6 Miss Mother's Day Mr. 7 Miss Father's Day Mr. 8 
Miss Monday Mr. 9 Miss Wednesday  Mr. 10 Miss Tuesday
Mr. 11  Miss Thursday Mr. 12 Miss Saturday Previous Mr. 7 
Mr. 13 Miss Friday
Billions Akumai Mr. Mellow Mr. Love Geronimo 
????? ?????
Millions Miss Catherina Mr. Beans Mr. Shimizu
Other Members
Banchi Lassoo Karoo  Erimaki Runners

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