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|Charlotte Compote (1st)
|Charlotte Compote (1st)
|Charlotte Mondée (2nd) \ Big Mom Pirate Member 1 Portrait.png
|Charlotte Monde (2nd) \ Big Mom Pirate Member 1 Portrait.png
|Charlotte Amande (3rd)
|Charlotte Amande (3rd)
|Charlotte Hachée (4th)
|Charlotte Ash (4th)
|Charlotte Effilée (5th)
|Charlotte Efire (5th)
|Charlotte Custard (6th)
|Charlotte Custard (6th)
|Charlotte Angel (7th)
|Charlotte Angel (7th)

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Charlotte Family
Charlotte Linlin Pound (25th) * 
Charlotte Perospero (1st) Charlotte Katakuri (2nd) Charlotte Daifuku (3rd) Charlotte Oven (4th) Charlotte Opera (5th) *
Charlotte Counter (6th) Charlotte Cadenza (7th) Charlotte Cabaletta (8th) Charlotte Gala (9th) Charlotte Cracker (10th)
Charlotte Nusstorte (12th) Charlotte Basskarte (13th) Charlotte Noisette (15th) Charlotte Moscato (16th) Charlotte Mont-d'Or (19th)
Charlotte Saint-Marc (22nd) Charlotte Dacquoise (24th) Charlotte Snack (25th) Charlotte Bavarois (26th) Charlotte Kato (28th)
Charlotte Brownie (32nd) Charlotte Raisin (33rd) Charlotte Mascarpone (34th) Charlotte Yuen (35th) Charlotte Decuplets (36-40th)
Charlotte Anglais (42nd) Charlotte Dolce (45th) Charlotte Dragée (46th) Charlotte Dosmarche ?????
Charlotte Compote (1st) Charlotte Monde (2nd) Charlotte Amande (3rd) Charlotte Ash (4th) Charlotte Efire (5th)
Charlotte Custard (6th) Charlotte Angel (7th) Charlotte Brûlée (8th) Charlotte Broyé (9th) Charlotte Mash (10th)
Charlotte Cornstarch (11th) Charlotte Mozart (12th) Charlotte Marnier (13th) Charlotte Smoothie (14th) Charlotte Citron (15th)
Charlotte Cinnamon (16th) Charlotte Melise (17th) Charlotte Galette (18th) Charlotte Poire (19th) Charlotte Prim (20th)
Charlotte Praline (21st) Charlotte Chiffon (22nd) Lola (23rd) Charlotte Marble (24th) Charlotte Myukuru (25th)
Charlotte Maple (26th) Charlotte Joconde (27th) Charlotte Panna (28th) Charlotte Joscarpone (29th) Charlotte Nutmeg (30th)
Charlotte Akimeg (31st) Charlotte Allmeg (32nd) Charlotte Harumeg (33rd) Charlotte Fuyumeg (34th) Charlotte Pudding (35th)
Charlotte Flampe (36th) Charlotte Wafers (37th) Charlotte Normande (38th) Charlotte Anana (39th)
Capone Bege * Aladine *
Capone Pez *
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