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Chapter 980: "Fighting Music"

Luffy attacks several of the Beasts Pirates for wasting the red bean soup, and Zoro quickly finds and joins him. Scratchmen Apoo then uses his "Fighting Music" to attack and injure the duo with his sounds, forcing them to run away. Meanwhile, Kid decides to shed his disguise as well and attacks Apoo out of revenge for betraying him and his crew.

Episode 929: "The Bond Between Prisoners - Luffy and Old Man Hyo!"

In the Ringo region, Kanjuro meets up with Shinobu's group at the Northern Cemetery. In Ebisu Town, Law's group learns from a newspaper that a funeral for Komurasaki will be held and that Kid escaped from Udon prison, the place where Chopper's group and Big Mom are currently traveling to.

In Udon prison, Hyogoro tries to make good use of the meal tickets that Luffy generously gave to him, but Daifugo approaches and torments the elderly man.

Next Episode Release: TBD (Anime on indefinite hiatus)

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