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Chapter 1019: "Heliceratops"

With Sasaki's forces now defected, Franky is able to take on the Tobiroppo one-on-one. The two of them fight ferociously, with Sasaki showing the ability to make his triceratops frill spin rapidly and become a weapon as well as lift himself up into the air. Sasaki unleashes a powerful finishing blow against the General Franky and greatly damages it, but Franky manages to eject from it in time. He then unleashes a "Radical Beam" which strikes Sasaki in the stomach and brings him down.

On the Skull Dome roof, Yamato has entered a Zoan hybrid form whilst doing battle with Kaido.

Episode 982: Kaido's Trump Card - The Tobi Roppo Appear

The Straw Hat Pirates enter Onigashima's torii gate and defeat the guards there. Queen begins the Golden Kagura festivities, and the Tobiroppo meet to hear their captain's request. The Straw Hat Pirates set up to toast Jinbe joining, but after the Nine Red Scabbards and their other allies advance on Onigashima, they decide to wait to celebrate with everyone after they defeat Kaido, Orochi, and Big Mom.

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