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Polearm Wielders
Staff Users
Nami Smoker Enel Porche Kumadori
Portgas D. Ace   Sabo Monkey D. Luffy  Vergo  Charlotte Perospero
Meryl  Hey 
Spear Users
Boodle Krieg Crocus Shura Gan Fall
Kamakiri Mayushika Calgara  Seamars Penguin
Speed Jiru Epoida Catarina Devon Kasagoba Ikaros Much 
Kabu Bian Bomba Rampo Flapper
Inhel Cotton Randolph Vinsmoke Judge Eggplant Soldier
Saphir  Rubis  Emeraude 
Trident Users
Wire Saldeath Sadi Leonero Hody Jones 
Fukaboshi Ammo Knights Neptune Minister of the Right Jinbe 
Aladine Abdullah Nekomamushi Charlotte Katakuri Charlotte Prim
Morley Lily Enstomach  ?????
Halberd Users
Brahm  Edward Newgate  Boa Marigold Hannyabal Pinnacle
Choi Cands Sai Edward Weevil Charlotte Mascarpone
Charlotte Joscarpone Charlotte Oven Medaka  Gardoa 
Scythe Users
Doc Q Caribou Charlotte Brûlée Drug Peclo Charlotte Decuplets' Boys
Charlotte Decuplets' Girls Kamazo Reira  Patrick Redfield 
Maul Users
Dosun Smooge Stansen Gad   Popola 
Dalton Charlotte Yuen Wilder 

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