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This template has all of the part ranges between arcs and sagas. This template is made to keep one consistent source of ranges instead of while changing one part range, you'd have to update other articles too.


{{#switch:}} functions.


{{Range|<name>|<ch/vol/ep>|<range control>}}

Parameters description
Parameter Description
1 Here you type the name of the arc or saga you want to extract. (NOTE: If left out, insert a blank | and it will take the page title as name)
2 Possible values: ch (chapter), vol (volume), ep (episode).
3 Possible values: st (start), len (length), end.

If the arc/saga has several breaks, use st<number> and end<number> (NOTE: there are no st1/end1, only st2/end2 and up


{{Range|Whitebeard War Saga|ch|st}} =
{{Range|East Blue Saga|ch|len}} = 100


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