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A Ship Box or Ship infobox is a type of infobox that lists certain aspects of a ship such as its name and its affiliation. Here is how one can create a Ship infobox.


First off add the following code at the top of the ship page. This is the most basic structure of the Ship Infobox.

{{Ship Box 
| image             = 
| jname             = 
| rname             = 
| ename             = 
| affiliation       = 
| first             = 

From here you can fill in the blanks in order to customize the box and make it look better. Just simply type the things you want to add after the equal sign.

{{Ship Box
| name              = Salamander
| image             = [[File:Rocket Man Infobox.png|150px]]
| jname             = (fill in)
| rname             = Salamander go
| ename             = N/A
| affiliation       = Gasparde
| first             = Dead Race

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