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{{Simple Box


{{Simple Box
|image=[[File:Marine Logo.png|The Marine's flag.|200px]]
|ename=Navy (Viz, 4Kids, FUNimation subs);<br/> Marines (FUNimation dub)
|first=[[Chapter 3]]; [[Episode 1]]
|extra1title=Fleet Admiral
|extra1=[[Kong]] (resigned),<br/>[[Sengoku]] (resigned)

{{Simple Box|
|image=[[File:Shichibukai Marineford.jpg|300px]]
|ename=Seven Military Seas
|first=[[Chapter 49]], [[Episode 23]]
|extra1title=Total Bounty
|extra1=At least {{B|S}}716,000,000

{{Simple Box
|name=Grand Line
|image=[[File:Map.jpg|250px|Map of the Grand Line]]
|jname=偉大なる航路 (グランドライン)
|rname=''Gurando Rain''
|ename=Grand Line
|first=[[Episode 62]], [[Chapter 101]]
|extra1=[[Log Pose]], [[Eternal Pose]]

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