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This template is used to sort files or pages in a category which have a progressive numeration up to two or more digits. This is used to avoid that "Page 20" will be sorted after "Page 100", since the system doesn't consider the number as a whole but rather each digits when sorting.


The page or files must have a title in the form Word #, the template will sort the page making the number # a four-digits one, adding zeros where necessary. Existing in-page sort-key will overwritten the template one, so they must be removed. Sadly, the {{DEFAULTSORT:}} magic word cannot read template parameters, so they cannot be added in it.


Type {{Sort}} in the page.

  • Page 1 will be sorted as Page 0001.
  • Page 100 will be sorted as Page 0100.
  • Page 1000 will be sorted as Page 1000.
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