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Totto Land
Charlotte Linlin
Charlotte Perospero Charlotte Compote Charlotte Katakuri Charlotte Daifuku Charlotte Oven
Charlotte Amande Charlotte Opera * Charlotte Cracker Charlotte Broyé Charlotte Zuccotto
Charlotte Nusstorte Charlotte Dosmarche Charlotte Noisette Charlotte Moscato Charlotte Cornstarch
Charlotte Compo Charlotte Mont-d'Or Charlotte Marnier Charlotte Tablet Charlotte Smoothie
Charlotte Citron Charlotte Saint-Marc Charlotte Dacquoise Charlotte Galette Charlotte Snack
Charlotte Kanten Charlotte Kato Charlotte Chiboust Charlotte Mobile Charlotte Mascarpone
Charlotte Pudding Charlotte Flampe Charlotte Praline  Charlotte Chiffon  Charlotte Lola 
Other Charlotte Family members
Charlotte Mondée Charlotte Hachée Charlotte Effilée Charlotte Counter Charlotte Cadenza
Charlotte Cabaletta Charlotte Gala Charlotte Custard Charlotte Angel Charlotte Brûlée
Charlotte Basskarte Charlotte Mash Charlotte Laurin Charlotte Mozart Charlotte High-Fat
Charlotte Cinnamon Charlotte Basans Charlotte Melise Charlotte Poire Charlotte Bavarois
Charlotte Prim Charlotte Montb Charlotte Marble Charlotte Myukuru Charlotte Maple
Charlotte Brownie Charlotte Joconde Charlotte Raisin Charlotte Panna Charlotte Joscarpone
Charlotte Yuen Charlotte Newichi Charlotte Newji Charlotte Newsan Charlotte Newshi
Charlotte Newgo Charlotte Nutmeg Charlotte Akimeg Charlotte Allmeg Charlotte Harumeg
Charlotte Fuyumeg Charlotte Nougat Charlotte Anglais Charlotte Wafers Charlotte Wiro
Charlotte De-Chat Charlotte Dolce Charlotte Dragée Charlotte Normande Charlotte Anana
Streusen Tamago Pekoms Bobbin Diesel
Eggplant Soldier ????? ????? ????? ?????
Whole Cake Island Officials
????? ????? ????? ????? ?????
Other Whole Cake Chateau Residents and Staff
????? ????? ?????  ????? ?????
Other Citizens
Choco Police Pound * Buche WCI 31 ?????
Napoleon Nitro Queen Mama Chanter Rabiyan Prometheus
Zeus  Randolph Noble Croc Kingbaum * Biscuit Soldiers
Lady Tree Seducing Woods Candy Sea Slug * Dark-Spotted Candy Frog * Crane
Pawn Soldiers Bishop Soldiers Knight Soldiers Rook Soldiers Queen Soldiers
King Soldiers ????? 
Carmel  Pandora * ????? * ????? * ????? *
????? * ????? * ????? * ????? *

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  •  : the character is non-canon.
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