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This template will show the edit statistics of an user..


This template uses the table class "high-light":

/* Table Tweaks */
    tr.high-light { }
        tr.high-light:hover  {background-color: #E0E8FF;}
        .high-light tr:hover {background-color: #E0E8FF;}
    td { empty-cells: hide }

To be placed in MediaWiki:Wikia.css. Customized namespaces have to be manually added.

|name of the user

Note: the stats could be not updated, this because the operation of updating the users stats is running in background and is secondary to other operations, so there could be a little delay.


name of the user/1=the template will automatically show the edit stats of the user who will use it. Another user name can be given as free parameter to displaying the edits stats of the target user - free, default: owner of the profile.
bgcolor= for choosing the body color of the table - default: white.
headercolor= for choosing the header color (the first row) of the table - default: #FFFF99.
bordercolor= for choosing the border color of the table - default: black.
textcolor= for choosing the font color of the table - default: black.
titlecolor= for choosing the font color in the header of the table - default: black.
width= for choosing the width of the table (in px/%/em) - default: 50%.


- The basic version if it's used by MasterDeva:

Edits of MasterDeva on One Piece Wiki
Total: 25,176
Article: 9,442
Talk: 622
User: 480
User talk: 839
Project: 64
Project Talk: 51
File: 7,819
File talk: 443
Template: 845
Template talk: 66
Category: 5
Category talk: 9
Forum: 519
User blog: 137
User blog comment: 112

- The stats of a target user, DancePowderer in this case.

Edits of DancePowderer on One Piece Wiki
Total: 29,438
Article: 16,984
Talk: 3,274
User: 456
User talk: 1,620
Project: 29
Project Talk: 26
File: 295
File talk: 15
Template: 235
Template talk: 14
Category: 74
Category talk: 94
Forum: 927
User blog: 616
User blog comment: 4,126


- A personalized version hypothetically used by Mugiwara Franky on his profile:

Edits of Mugiwara Franky on One Piece Wiki
Total: 25,000
Article: 16,904
Talk: 1,325
User: 520
User talk: 904
Project: 23
Project Talk: 69
File: 568
File talk: 51
Template: 1,193
Template talk: 165
Category: 67
Category talk: 38
Forum: 354
User blog: 4
User blog comment: 4

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- This is based on the special page Special:Editcount.

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