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The Ten-Fold Axe is Yama's sash of Axe Dials.


The Ten-Fold Axe takes the form of a black strip of cloth with ten Axe Dials sewn onto one side.[1]


An Axe Dial can produce an X-shaped razor-sharp thin air blade that can easily slice through a man and his iron shield in one strike. The Ten-Fold Axe, therefore, allows Yama to spread the damage when he stretches the cloth wide open, creating ten such slices to increase damage area. Combined with Yama's heavyweight size, he can simultaneously crush his opponents.[1]

The weak point of using the Ten-Fold Axe is that it must be pointed towards the opponent, as reversing its direction will injure the user instead.[2]


  • Axe Mountain (斬撃満点アックスマウンテン Akkusu Maunten?, literally "Slicing Attack Perfect Score"): Yama stretches the Ten-Fold Axe out in front of him and flies toward his opponent. When the axe makes contact, the opponent is stabbed by a sharp burst of air.[1] This attack's flaw is that the dials must be on the side of the sash facing the opponent, otherwise, they can injure the user as well.[2]


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